[Tweet|Photos|Trans] Jungshin shares throwback photos before going to practice (09.28.2014)

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On September 28, Jungshin started sharing throwback photos of himself, Simba and CNBLUE.

140928 @MentalShin

@MentalShin: 우리심바…엄청 작았는데…”

[TRANS] @MentalShinOur Simba… who used to be so small…”

The maknae also tried to fool around by replying to his own tweet:

140928 JS

Heol, oppa. The picture is daebak.

[T/N: Heol – is a korean slang for omg; oppa – is what a girl calls someone older, i think he was pretending to be a girl fan talking to himself]

140928 JS_1

Heol, daebak! Oppa, your are really the best

140928 JS_2

Who’s there?… I’m not possessed.. I guest I should stop because I need to practice… ha..

140928 JS_3

kkkkkkk no one understood my jokes… I think I should just go back to practice…

140928 @MentalShin_1

@MentalShin: 어~하니까 이때가 벌써 추억이 됐네…”

[TRANS] @MentalShinOh~ while I’m at it. This (photo) already became a memory…”

140928 @MentalShin_2

@MentalShin: 이럴때가…”

[TRANS] “@MentalShinthose were the days”

Source: @MentalShin

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm