[Tweet|Photo|Trans] TTM Dalhyang and Panseo’s selca behind the scenes (10.01.2014)

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On September 30, 2014, Yonghwa‘s co-star in The Three Musketeers Lee Kyun (also known as Panseo on TTM) shared a photo behind the scenes with Dalhyang on Instagram:

140930 @smkyun33

@smkyun33: 달향 용화.. 우리 다 어디보고 있니?? ㅋㅋ 8화까지 다 찍었다… 9화.. 10화.. 대본 짱짱하다…. 굳 ㅎㅎ #삼총사 #정용화 #이켠 파이팅 ㅎㅎ”

[TRANS] “@smkyun33Dalhyang Yonghwa.. Where are we looking?? kk We finished filming up to Episode 8… Episode 9.. Episode 10.. The script is so great….  hh #TheThreeMusketeers #JungYonghwa #LeeKyun Fighting hh”

Yonghwa answered to this Instagram post by tweeting the same photo on October 1, 2014:

141001 @JYHeffect_1

@JYHeffect: 판쇠 형님 ~ 이 사진을 찾으십니까요~~~?ㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] @JYHeffect:  Panseo Hyungnim ~ are you looking for this picture~~~?kk”

Yonghwa also tweeted a behind the scene photo of himself taken during his fanmeeting:

141001 @JYHeffect

@JYHeffect: 룰룰루~”

[TRANS] @JYHeffectLululu~”

Source: @JYHeffect, Lee Kyun’s IG (@smkyun33)

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm