[Twitter|IG|Trans] Jonghyun and his puppies Shiro and Tani (10.02.2014)

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Jonghyun can’t stop sharing photos and videos of his puppies Princess Shiro & Tanee.

On Sept. 30, he uploaded photos of playing Tanee & Shiro on his bed:

140930 @cnbluegt_2

140930 @cnbluegt_2.1

140930 @cnbluegt_2.2

140930 @cnbluegt_2.3

@cnbluegt: 난리났구만.”

[TRANS] “@cnbluegt: It’s a mess in here~”

On October 1, Jonghyun uploaded a video of Tanee on Instagram, watch it here:

Yesterday (October 2) Jonghyun shared a family picture with Shiro and Tanee:

141002 cnbluegt IG_1

@cnbluegt: #시로#탄이 씻지도않고 가족사진ㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] @cnbluegt: Family picture with #Shiro #Tani without washing up kk”

141002 cnbluegt IG

@cnbluegt: #시로#탄이 내가 그렇게 좋아?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] @cnbluegt#Shiro #Tani do you like me that much? kkkk”

It didn’t stop there, Jonghyun shared two more videos of Shiro and Tani.

Watch it the first one here.

@cnbluegt: 나른하구만?”

[TRANS] @cnbluegt: So, you’re tired?”

and the latest one here:

@cnbluegt: #시로#탄이 귀요미들”

[TRANS] @cnbluegt#Shiro #Tani these cuties”

Source: @cnbluegt on Twitter & IG

Translated by vebyoktia@cnbluestorm