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CNBLUE ‘can’t stop’ and ‘never stop’, that’s true. Even if the band have not ended its Asian Tour “Can’t Stop” yet, the boys spent a part of their summer on Japanese stages for some music festivals. And definitely the best events! This summer, it was possible to see the four boys at ROCK NATION, followed by SUMMER SONIC for three crazy days with JUST MUSIC which were like a marathon on August 15, 16 and 17. CNBLUE was not the only Korean band since FTISLAND, from the same agency, also attended the same events.

ROCK NATION, one of the events from famous a-nation, was held for the second time this summer, after the first live event in 2012. And for CNBLUE, it was also the second time attending. With FTISLAND, they represented their own country, South Korea, among the Japanese bands and artists EDGE OF LIFE, MICHAEL, Shishido Kafuka and Kawamura Ryuichi. That night, six artists performed and made the show, seducing 15,000 people at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

After FTISLAND‘s performance, making the transition between the land of the rising sun and the land of the morning calm, CNBLUE was the last band to come on stage. At that moment, many Boice were here to cheer them even if the event was held on Friday and switched on their blue light-sticks.

FTISLAND performed with full of madness and right after, the Blue boys were able to do more. In front of a blue crowd, they appeared in simple but rock style with black and white top and invited the audience to be carried away by the blue storm with energy and enthusiasm. It started and was devastating with Ryu Can Do It, new version of One Time, which has been used as Ryu Hyun Jin‘s theme song this season. Opening the show with this track, especially in Japan, definitely surprised the audience. They never expected this one. Japanese fans were the first to enjoy the live version and the first that approved and loved it.

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Following this exciting beginning, there was no break. CNBLUE quickly continued with In My Head, a famous song lead by a brilliant guitar sound and a powerful voice. No flamethrowers like during solo concerts but the atmosphere was incredibly hot though. While singing the lyrics, Yonghwa shouted “a-nation, we love you!” Me too!

Another song that became popular at CNBLUE concerts — Wake Up, introduced by Jonghyun‘s energetic guitar riffs. While Minhyuk, Jungshin and Jonghyun were playing their own solo, Yonghwa was asking the audience to make more and more noise every time he was screaming “Wake Up! Wake Up!” or playing at different frequencies the same note with his guitar. There was no doubt. By hearing the loudness of the screams, fans were woken up well! Everyone enjoyed each moment. A positive point regarding concerts in Japan; the rules are very strict and always monitored. So you probably won’t see anybody trying to take some pictures with his camera. Everybody is enjoying the show and the music only. That’s the power of music. JUST MUSIC!

Same for the boys. They interacted together with the audience and Yonghwa often sent flying kisses. Coffee Shop, I’m Sorry and Lady followed. Rock & Dance. These were the keywords of the set list for this ROCK NATION 2014 even if new songs were missing. Finally, performance and festival ended by sweet and emotional notes of Can’t Stop.

The day after, CNBLUE attended SUMMER SONIC for the second time on the same Rainbow Stage for Tokyo and Flower Stage for Osaka the last day. SUMMER SONIC is a famous Japanese rock festival that happens every summer and has been around for more than 10 years. The most famous rock bands already performed at this big event. While they were still Indies in Japan, CNBLUE members attended the festival as spectators. That day, they were at the other side of the barrier for the second consecutive year. “SUMMER SONIC was a dream. What I feel now is that dreams definitely become true!” That’s what Yonghwa said the past year.

In Tokyo, CNBLUE was also the last to perform. At 8:10pm, Boice were anticipating the show. However, because of long sound-checks, performance started late. But this little problem enabled Boice to enjoy a short VIP moment (or VIB – Very Important Boice?): seeing a last soundcheck with Minhyuk, Jungshin and Jonghyun on stage, improvising a part of In My Head.

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Like at ROCK NATION, Ryu Can Do It was the first track for a crazy opening. Set list was the same for SUMMER SONIC. By the way, let me share a short story regarding this song: as the boys personally have busy schedules, especially Yonghwa and Jungshin with their own drama filming, members didn’t often have time for practice together. So the boys practiced Ryu Can Do It during rehearsal of Can’t Stop live in Malaysia. Indeed, the melody inspired by One Time had been heard by fans outside Stadium Negara. That’s also why new songs, including Truth, Still or Go your way, were not played during these events in Japan.


So, no surprise regarding the songs. But the boys were incredibly more energetic than the day before, showing how much they like this music fest. Their power has no limit! Yonghwa didn’t stop screaming, dancing, jumping and running on stage. Jonghyun played enthusiastically from beginning to the end. This guy always gives energy and pleasure while playing guitar. So, it’s really difficult to not focus on him as he is so fascinating. Even more when Yonghwa and him played solos together, very close with each other. There were so many “JongHwa” moments, especially during Wake Up and Coffee Shop.

They made the show until I’m Sorry; at that moment, Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Jungshin, gathered around Minhyuk‘s drums for the final solo, showing their strong friendship.

Rainbow Stage turned crazy that night and SUMMER SONIC 2014 in Tokyo finally ended with Can’t Stop too.

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Last step to finish, SUMER SONIC in Osaka. Unlike in Tokyo, live performances were all outside stages. That time, CNBLUE played as second band after the opening act and many Boice waited for them, hidden under their towel to avoid the Sun. Indeed, weather was very hot at Maishima area since the opening of the fest at 10:00 am. But that hot summer didn’t stop CNBLUE. “We are ready to fight against summer heat and be bathed in sweat.” And they kept their words and were able to fight this terrible weather through a performance as impressive as in Tokyo. Yonghwa and Jonghyun played together at the edge of the stage (Jonghyun often sat down there too), creating an intensive reaction of the audience. SUMMER SONIC Osaka also revealed the best couple Yonghwa and Jungshin who often interacted together with cuteness and big smile. Even if he was a bit far, Minhyuk played drums powerfully, falling into the rhythm. Wake Up and Coffee Shop were once again the highlights of the live event. Sure, these tracks are really incredible when played on stage. Even more with Yonghwa doing his special dance session, robotic and sexy.

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Unfortunately, all good things have an ending. After this deep osmosis, Can’t Stop was the song to close the performance at SUMMER SONIC Osaka for CNBLUE. And it was also the end of three intensive days of concerts. We don’t regret the fight against hot summer and the long hours of waiting. But don’t worry Boice, it’s just a goodbye. At the end of the month, CNBLUE will be back in Japan for Arena Tour 2014 WAVE. The tour will start by a double concert at Nippon Budokan on October 29th and 30th.


Ryu Can Do It
In My Head
Wake Up
Coffee Shop
I’m Sorry
Can’t Stop

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