[IG|Trans] Jungshin says he’s the ‘god of billiards’ for the day (10.12.2014)

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Last Sunday Lee Jungshin posted photo and videos of him playing billiards on his Instagram:

today im

“@leejungshin91: 오늘은 내가 선수 당구의신 #당신”

[TRANS] “@leejungshin91: Today I’m athlete ‘god of billiards’ #godofbilliards”

[T/N: ‘당신’ is an acronym for ‘당구의신’ which means ‘God of Billiards’]

느낌아니까 #당신

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@leejungshin91: 느낌아니까 #당신”

[TRANS] “@leejungshin91: Because I know the feel #godofbilliards”

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“@leejungshin91: #당신 #브라더포토 앵글이 스포츠채널급ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 졌음…”

[TRANS] “@leejungshin91: #godofbilliards #brothersphoto the angle is of sport channel’s class kkk but I lost…”

Source: @leejungshin91 on Instagram

Translated by: vebyoktia@cnbluestorm.com