[Twitter|Weibo] Yonghwa enjoyed a Sunday ride with Actor Jung Haein (11.09.2014)

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Yesterday, Nov. 9, 2014, Yonghwa spent the day with co-actor in the recently concluded The Three Musketeers and labelmate Actor Jung Haein. They both generously shared their selcas on their personal SNS platforms.

Yonghwa tweeted:

141109 @JYHeffect_1

@JYHeffect: 좌익찬과 오랜만에 청 춘 라이딩 ~~ㅎㅎ”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffect: It’s been awhile to have a youthful riding time with the left wing guard ~~ hh”

Actor Jung Haein also tweeted a selca with Yonghwa:

141109 @ActorHaein

@ActorHaein: 오랜만일세~”

[TRANS] “@ActorHaeinLong time no see~”

Yonghwa did not forget to share a selca of himself on his Weibo and Twitter accounts.

Weibo Update:

141109 Weibo YH

@郑容和89I really really (…….) say what?ㅎㅎ”

Twitter Update:

141109 @JYHeffect

@JYHeffect: 오늘도 행복한 하루 되세요~~~ㅎ”

[TRANS] “@JYHeffectHave a nice day ahead~~~ h”

Source: Yonghwa’s Weibo and Twitter, @ActorHaein

Compiled and Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm