[IG|Trans] Jungshin already misses Simba upon arriving at Sendai

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Upon arriving in Japan yesterday (Nov. 14), Jungshin went to a record bar to check on music and their own album.

141114 @leejungshin91

@leejungshin91: #센다이 어느 레코드점 브루스형 사진 정말…결국은 뒷모습…”

[TRANS] “@leejungshin91: Bruce hyung took this photo, at a record bar in Sydney. Eventually, it’s a back view”

141114 @leejungshin91_1

@leejungshin91: #심바 와 심바 심바야~~~~보고싶다 아들~~~!!”

[TRANS] “@leejungshin91Simba with Simba. Simba-ya~~~~ I want to see you son~~~!!!”

Source: @leejungshin91

Translated by miryong@cnbluestorm