[Article] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa charms in pictorial for InStyle Magazine (11.21.2014)

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is ready to get your heartbeat racing with his recent pictorial with star & fashion magazine, InStyle.


In one picture, Yonghwa was lying down on the floor wearing a knitted sephia-colored cardigan.



While in the other pictures, you can feel his masculine charms as he looks manly in feather jacket and another leather jacket that gives you a glimpse of his sexy arm.

Yonghwa mentioned that the concept of this pictorial is similar to his usual style. “Recently I am happy wearing training pants.”

After the photoshoot, he said in the interview, “I always want to film with Director Bon Junho.”

Yonghwa was also asked about who he thinks is the coolest among four members of CNBLUE, to which he answered: “Four of us has each different style, so it’s hard to pick only one member. Let’s just say that I am the coolest,” sparking a chorus of laughter.

Make sure to complete your collection with this magazine’s December issue!

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