[Twitter|Weibo|IG|Trans] Can’t Stop Tour has ended (2014.11.29)

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CNBLUE ended their Can’t Stop tour with an awesome performance in Nanjing!

Minhyuk and Jonghyun first sent message on their Weibo account before the concert.


@姜敏赫: 여러분. #CNBLUE# 난징에 도착했습니다. 내일 공연장에서 만나요. 재밌게 놀아봅시다!!

Everyone! #CNBLUE has arrived in Nanjing. See you & let’s have fun at the concert tomorrow!!


@leejonghyun0515: 공연하러간다앗!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Leaving for the concert!!!! kkkk

Right after the concert, Staff and CNBLUE‘s members updated their SNS account.


@CN_FANCLUB: 2014 #씨엔블루 #CNBLUE LIVE Can’t Stop Tour 종료!!!! 공연장에 찾아와주신 모든 BOICE 여러분 감사합니다! 씨엔블루와 보이스가 함께 만드는 즐거운 공연!! 다음에 또 만나요:D

CNBLUE LIVE Can’t Stop Tour 2014 has ended!!!! Thank you to every BOICE who came to the concern venue! CNBLUE together with BOICE concluded an enjoyable concert!! Let’s meet again next time:D

@leejonghyun0515: 난징 짱짱맨 http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:8b12fdff68b34029133011e936ac268e

Nanjing awesome!

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@CNBLUE: [STAFF] 谢谢南京!!!!! Thank you 中国BOICE!!!!下次再见!!!

Thank you, Nanjing!!!!! Thank you Chinese Boice!!!! See you again next time!!

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@郑容和89: 南京演唱会完美收官!因为有大家,创造了愉快的回忆. 下次一定再见哦

Concert in Nanjing ended perfectly~ Because of everyone we’ve created another good memory. We’ll surely meet again next time~


@姜敏赫: can’t stop 투어! 난징을 마지막으로 모두 끝냈습니다. 모두 고마워요!!! thank you! xiexie!

Nanjing as last stop, can’t stop tour has ended! Gomawoyo everyone! thank you! xiexie!


@李正信: #cnblue# #CHINABoice# Thank you


@leejungshin91: #난징 #cnblue #Can’tstoptour 끝!!!!!!!!

#nanjing #cnblue #Cantstoptour has ended!!!!!!!!

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