[Article] CNBLUE never fight even once, Minhyuk says

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CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk has revealed the group’s strong relationship through recent broadcast in Hong Kong TVB J2′s Star Talk.

“Among CNBLUE’s members we never fight, even once!,” he said during the interview.

He then explained the reason behind that: “CNBLUE has two hyungs – older brothers (Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun) and two dongsaengs – younger brothers (him and Lee Jungshin). The brothers take care of dongsaengs well, and the dongsaengs follow the hyungs‘ words well.”

“Because of that, we created our harmony, and we never insult each other. Therefore during almost five years of debut, we have never fought,” he said.

“When we gathered, there are many times we have divided opinions. At those times, we respect each others’ opinion and don’t have conflicts of opinion. Because of this, even when we create our music, it goes towards a better result,” he added.

This program was recorded during Minhyuk’s individual visit in the country back in November, for his own fan meeting and fan signing event.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk with CNBLUE will stand on the same stage with others FNC Entertainment’s artists for the agency’s family concert, FNC KINGDOM in Japan on December 20 and 27.

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