[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa thanked fans for being with them since 2010 (01.14.2015)

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jyheffect 150114

@JYHeffect: I remember Jan. 14, 2010~^^ I remember the memories from that day. Thank you everyone for being by our sideㅜ Let’s enjoy 2015 with the burning passion we had in 2010!!! Thank you  always, always, always

@JYHeffect: 2010년 1월 14일 .. 기억이 나네요~^^ 그날의 하루하루가 떠오르는 날. 곁에 있어주시는 여러분 감사해요ㅜ 열정이 불탔던 2010년으로 돌아가서 2015년을 즐겨보자!!! 감사합니다 늘 늘 늘

Source: @JYHeffect
Translated by: miryong @cnbluestorm
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm