[Twitter|Photo|Trans] CNBLUE thanked BOICE for their 4 awards at 29th Golden Disk Awards

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@CN_FANCLUB:  #29thGoldenDiskAwards #CNBLUE [Album Bonsang, Ceci Asian Icon Award, iQiyi Popularity Award, Goodwill Star Award]
4 awards!! It’s all because of BOICE. Thank you BOICE for always giving us lots of love and support 😀

@CN_FANCLUB:  제29회 골든디스크어워즈 [음반부문 본상,쎄씨아시아아이콘상,아이치이인기상,차이나굿윌스타상] 4관왕!!BOICE 여러분 덕분입니다 항상 많은사랑과 응원 보내주시는 BOICE 고맙습니다:D

Yonghwa also update twitter to thanked the fans for their awards ^^

@JYHeffect: 4 awards from the Golden Disk awards..!! ㅠㅠ  Thank you!!! These are awards given by fans.. !!! (we) can’t stop, (let’s go) forever!!!! thankyou !!!!!

@JYHeffect: 골든 디스크 어워즈에서 4관왕을 ..!!ㅠㅠ흑 감사합니다!!! 팬분들이 안겨주신 상입니다.. !!!can’t stop이여 영원하라!!!! thank you !!!!!


Source:  JYHeffect &  CN_FANCLUB @twitter
Translated by: miryong @cnbluestorm