[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk tweets about his new pet (01.18.2015)

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150118 minhyuk 150118 minhyuk-2

@MR_KANGGUN: This cat’s name is kungttatta. 2nd cat will come soon and i’ll name it as umchichi. So they will be kungttatta umchichi. Chichittatta. http://twitter.com/MR_KANGGUN/status/556702407971725312/photo/1

@MR_KANGGUN: 이 아이의 이름은 쿵따따라고 합니다. 곧 움치치 둘째도 올거예요. 그래서 움치치 쿵따따. 치치따따. http://twitter.com/MR_KANGGUN/status/556702407971725312/photo/1

Source: MR_KANGGUN @twitter
Translated by: Camille @cnbluestorm