[News|Photos] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals his dating style!

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has revealed about his dating style through recent interview for pictorial in fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan.

“When I am dating, I do lot of fun and jokes with the partner. Friendly, but I am absolutely not a style that seeing the person I like from behind without any word and keep it inside alone, like a character in drama,” he said.

The idol’s various charms can be spotted through the pictorial where he appears on stylish yet sexy appearances that reminiscing the upcoming spring season with his deep loving gaze, and dandy looks.

During the interview that followed this pictorial, he talked about many things, starting with the group CNBLUE’s big success after holding Arena tour in Japan, his solo debut album, dating, hobbies, up to this year’s goals.

“This solo album has many colorful genres, I did everything that I wanted to do without any pressure. I think the album exposes more of Jung Yonghwa’s style and voice,” Yonghwa commented about his solo album, ‘One Fine Day’, that brought various musicians – hip-hop artists YDG, rocker Yoon Dohyun, rapper Verbal Jint, Singaporean artist JJ Lin, up to American musician Peter Mallick – working together with him.

Check more on Yonghwa’s stories through Cosmopolitan February 2015 edition.


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