[Article|Video] 1TheK releases ‘Hashtag’ video featuring #정용화 Yonghwa #어느멋진날 (01.22.2015)

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YouTube Channel 1TheK released a new video for ‘Hashtag’ featuring CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa on Jan. 22, 2015.

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Yonghwa who recently made his debut as a soloist talked about how he came up with his first album, ‘One Fine Day’ which contains ten tracks all written by himself. The album also features many musicians from inside and outside the country, including rapper Verbal Jint, hip hop artist YDG, rocker Yoon Dohyun, Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin and American producer Peter Malick.

Among those collaborators, Yonghwa said that his work with Verbal Jint for the song ‘Energy’ is similar to the romantic movie ‘Once’ or ‘Begin Again’.

“We wrote in a similar way, Verbal Jint plays the piano, and me in guitar,” Yonghwa explained.

Yonghwa also revealed the story of how he ended up working together with Peter Malick for a song called ’27 Years’. It turns out that during his visit to LA to sing Korea’s national anthem, they met and started their working relationship.

“We exchanged the melody LA-Korea back and forth. It’s a very global collaboration,” Yonghwa said, showing excitement.

Yonghwa added that he felt his “world has widened up” after engaging in a range of collaborations in various genres.

Answering fans’ question, the leader of CNBLUE said that bassist Lee Jungshin was the member that bothered him the most upon hearing his song. Yonghwa also revealed that the CNBLUE boys do not live together anymore and admitted he does miss the other members.

Check out more stories from Yonghwa in the video below:

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