[News|Interview] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa on going solo, how he feels about other Idol Soloists and more

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa shared his thoughts on releasing his first solo album One Fine Day as well as on his fellow singers, who have gone from being an idol group member to a soloist.

Jung Yong Hwa launched his solo debut showcase on January 19 at the Maria Callas Hall in Daechi-dong and spilled his honest thoughts and goals on releasing his fist solo album, the difference between his album and CNBLUE’s album and more. The following is a Q&A with Jung Yong Hwa.


How do you feel about making a solo debut?

Yonghwa: I didn’t think that it would be a full-length album but after adding one song at a time, it ended up being a total of ten tracks. It was meaningful to do a collaboration with my respected seniors Yoon Do Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, Verbal Jint and more and I was able to produce my songs, which are like my children. I included many songs about love and healing.

What kind of song is the title song One Fine Day?

Yonghwa: It’s a song that I wrote thinking that I want to differentiate it from CNBLUE’s songs. Through this opportunity, I came to realize what kind of music I like. The love finally came true in the music video. I was always in the position to yearn for love but I was able to vent it out. Actually, all of CNBLUE’s songs talk about getting dumped. I didn’t want to get dumped this time so I tried to tell the story of man after he goes through a breakup.

Did you struggle internally during the album preparation process?

Yonghwa: Of course I struggled internally. It may seem like everything goes smoothly for me without any ups and downs but I also went through many difficult things. Sometimes I would feel like all the things that people tell me are lies and wonder, ‘why am I doing this kind of work?’ I included those thoughts in the song The Last Leaf. I occasionally go through tough times like that. I can’t help it since what I do is work.


Other idols, such as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Jonghyun, have been ranking number one since they have made their solo debuts.

Yonghwa: I would like to put down the pressure to win first place, but I can’t help but think about it. I listened to Jonghyun’s album and I could really feel his hard work. I was also stimulated by it. The ranking is out of my hands. If I do my best, then maybe I can win first place, which is regarded as being ‘God’s realm.’ If I win first place, I would like to deliver coal briquettes. I would like to participate in doing good things.

Are there any singers you would like to work with in the next album?

Yonghwa: I didn’t collaborate with female singers in this album so I would like to sing sweet duet songs with female singers next time. It would be nice to work with IU and Ailee, whom I’m close to, and I recently thought that I would really like to work with Sunwoo Jung-A because her voice is so nice.


Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa released his first solo album One Fine Day on January 20. The title song One Fine Day is a song about being left alone after going through a break up featuring ironic lyrics. It catches attention by having a style quite different from CNBLUE’s songs.

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