[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa fixed his habit of paying the bill when drinking

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Attempting to become the king of communication through his one-man show, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa shared honest thoughts with M.I.B′s Kangnam.

On the upcoming January 29 broadcast of Jung Yong Hwa′s Hologram, Jung Yong Hwa tranformed into a one-day DJ to satisfy the curiosity of fans, which has been growing for six years since CNBLUE’s debut.

Changing up the studio to appear like a radio booth, Jung Yong Hwa and Kangnam will answer questions through the segment, ′Are You Curious.′

On this broadcast, Jung Yong Hwa gathered attention by saying, “I fixed my drinking habit.”

“Before, I had the habit of always paying the bill when I drank. The next morning, I would check the receipts and regret it, but now I wait patiently until a different person pays.”

Kangnam then added, “I also had a sunbae who had the habit of paying the bill a lot, so I used to drink with him a lot.”



Kangnam asked questions covering the topics of Jung Yong Hwa′s real height, ideal type and drinking habits, as Jung Yong Hwa answered honestly. Kangnam made sure to say that Jung Yong Hwa couldn′t reject the questions, leading the segment for the fans in a bright atmosphere.

After starting up his one-man show in his single house with the help of his celebrity friends, Jung Yong Hwa shared how he prepared for his first solo album and even revealed his music studio.

In the first episode, Jung Yong Hwa introduced his friends and daily life. The second episode will share what kind of musical interests Jung Yong Hwa has. Jung Yong Hwa is expected to capture viewers with things his fans have been curious about, like his worry-filled lyrics notebook.

The four-episode reality show, Jung Yong Hwa′s Hologram, is a one-man show that was produced, directed, filmed, and appeared by Jung Yong Hwa, who fills the screen with various stories. In an attempt to get closer to fans, Jung Yong Hwa worked hard to create ′one-man media contents.′

Jung Yong Hwa′s Hologram airs both the actul episode as well as other digital contents, which can be viewed online.

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