[News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa asserts he doesn’t have a girlfriend + talks about his real height and weight

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On the January 29th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Hologram’CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa shared his thoughts on his ideal type of girl as well as his height and weight.

During the episode, guest M.I.B’s Kangnam asked Yonghwa if he had a girlfriend. Yonghwa emphatically replied, “I don’t.

The two then began to speak hypothetically, and Kangnam admitted that he would be the type of boyfriend that would be really clingy with his girlfriend. At this, Yonghwa said, “I’m the moderately clingy type.

During the same episode, Kangnam asked Yonghwa what he first sees in a woman. Kangnam said, “I look at their butt,” causing viewers to laugh at his honesty. Yonghwa replied, “I look at their body to face ratio.” He continued, “I like someone with a good image and a kind face.

Kangnam then asked Yonghwa what his actual height and weight was to which Yonghwa responded, “It’s 179 cm (approx. 5’10”) and 68 kg (approx. 150 lbs).” Surprised, Kangnam began to laugh in disbelief.

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