[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa sleep walked while preparing for Solo Album due to Stress

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa revealed that he was greatly stressed while preparing for his solo album.

During the February 4 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, an MC commented, “You released a solo album recently and I heard that for a while, you couldn’t remember what you did while asleep,” to which he said, “I had many worries and was stressed out so I did things that I couldn′t remember.”

Jung Yong Hwa confessed, “Like sleep walking, I couldn’t remember what I did but I ate snacks and took seaweed papers out of the fridge and ate them.”


When asked, “So are you satisfied with the album that you released like that?” Jung Yong Hwa proudly said, “I’m satisfied. It ranked number one in seven charts around Asia,” bringing out laughter.

Then CEO Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment shared, “Yong Hwa’s been very successful overseas. He is a card model in China too. I’m thinking of increasing his activities in China this year.”

Photo credit: MBC
Article credit: Jo Yeon Kyung  &  Yeawon Jung @enewsWorld
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