[News] FNC’s CEO Han Sung Ho wants CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa to Date

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FNC Entertainment’s CEO Han Sung Ho compared CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi.

During the February 4 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, a comment was made on how Jung Yong Hwa’s value in Korea is not the same as before. CEO Han Sung Ho raised his thumb up for the CNBLUE member saying, “Actually, Yong Hwa is the type that is good at everything.”

The CEO said, “I always told Yong Hwa, ‘You have to act right,’ ever since he debuted. I think that’s why he kind of keeps himself within that frame. Now I tell Yong Hwa to date and break away from his routine.”



When the MCs commented, “It would be nice if he and FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi are mixed,” Han Sung Ho said, “Hong Gi always breaks away from his routine,” causing a round of laughter.

When asked, “Do you think that you know everything about your artists?” CEO Han Sung Ho responded, “We call them spies. I’ve planted them here and there. If someone moves from the album team to the drama team, then his identity as an spy gets found out. But I promote him the following year.”

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