[News|Interview] Jung Yonghwa wants to have a Character Change in his next acting role (02.05.2015)

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In his next acting role, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa said he wants to have a character change.

On February 3, one of China′s biggest music sites, YinYueTai, revealed an exclusive interview with Jung Yong Hwa.

On releasing his solo album, One Fine Day, Jung Yong Hwa said, “I get nervous every time a new album comes out. It might be music that I listened to every day, but when it′s revealed on a site and I listen to it, it feels different.”

Regarding the production of the One Fine Day music video, Jung Yong Hwa shared, “It wasn′t my idea, but the idea that the director sent me was very similiar to the idea that I thought of. The director read my thoughts a lot and I think the song was expressed a lot better.”

When asked if he requested a kiss scene in the music video and if there were any NGs, Jung Yong Hwa replied, “I didn′t request it, but I didn′t deny it. There were no NGs. What was filmed is all there is.”

A local reporter asked Jung Yong Hwa, “You′ve acted out of characters in dramas that don′t end up with the other actor. Don′t you want to act as a different character in your next project?”


Jung Yong Hwa replied, “I think I′ve never really ended up together with a woman (in a drama). I′m always watching from afar or crushing. Next time, I want to play a character that sweetly loves without hiding and makes everyone jealous.”

Jung Yong Hwa released his solo album, One Fine Day on January 20. He has won on many music programs since then.

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