[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa Reveals Why He Turns Down Girls Who Hit on Him

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CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa confessed that he doesn’t date because of his busy schedules.

During the February 10 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Old School, Jung Yong Hwa confessed the reason he turns down the girls who hit on him.

Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Kyuhyun recently said on Radio Star that there are many girls who hit on you, but you always turn them down. Have you ever regretted after turning them down?”

Jung Yong Hwa answered, “I don’t think I ever regretted it.”


When Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Are you trying not to be bound by love?” Jung Yong Hwa explained, “I can date, but if I do, I think it would be troublesome for the other person. I would only be able to see her just once or twice a month.”

Then Kim Chang Ryul commented, “I think you’re a responsible person. You’re trying not to step close to something you cannot be responsible for. It’s not a bad thing to love when you can be responsible for it,” siding with Jung Yong Hwa.


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