[News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa thinks he would be a nuisance in a relationship

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On the February 10 airing of SBS PowerFM‘s ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,’CNBLUE’s Yonghwa revealed that he would prefer not to date because it would become a nuisance for his partner.

The idol revealed that because of his busy schedule and his lifestyle as an idol, it would be hard for him to carry on a normal relationship. Yonghwa said, “I can date, but I feel like it would become a nuisance for the other person.

When Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Was there a time when you’ve regretted rejecting someone?Yonghwa replied, “Honestly, no. I’m sure I would regret later on, but as of now no.

While talking about the girls that have shown interest in Yonghwa in the past, the idol said, “I’ve heard of some.  An acquaintance would ask, ‘Do you want to be introduced?’ but I would always say, ‘No, it’s okay.’ We would have to be in a relationship where we meet once a month, maybe.”

Meanwhile, during his last appearance on MBCRadio Star,’ it was revealed that although Yonghwa would get hit on by females, he would reject them politely and move on.

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