[News] Jung Yonghwa explains the difference between performing solo and as CNBLUE

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Yonghwa explains the difference in performing solo and as CNBLUE

The leader of CNBLUE who recently debuted as soloist, Jung Yonghwa talked about the difference between performing as a soloist and as CNBLUE during his visit on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Changryul’s Old School’ this afternoon.

“There are a lot of differences when promoting alone. The waiting room is empty and the preparation time is shorter. However, there’s also a good thing: I can decide the eating menu by myself,” Yonghwa explained.

Yonghwa also talked about his collaborations with various artists from different genres for his first album, ‘One Fine Day’. “I learned a lot while collaborating with the seniors. I am glad that I can show my different colors and appearances,” he said.

Talking about his new album, the vocalist revealed how the other CNBLUE members responded to it. “I showed to them when the album hasn’t finished yet, and they said it is better than the songs for CNBLUE,” he added.

DJ Kim Changryul then asked: “Did you put more effort to it (rather than for CNBLUE),” to which Yonghwa answered: “I worked hard for both but there’s a difference. When creating for solo album, I worked hard based on my own ambition, while when creating for CNBLUE, I worked hard so all of us can do well.”

Meanwhile, Yonghwa is currently promoting his first solo album and preparing for his first Asia concert tour, ‘One Fine Day’ starting on the end of this month.

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