[StarCast|Photos|Video] Lee Jungshin creates a new band? .. Exclusive Preview of ‘Thank You, Son’

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Well-thumbed guitar


Guitar, and then microphone~ Oh, however this guy looks familiar.


Lee Jung Shin the bassist, creating a new band?

A hot bassist of CNBLUE, Lee Jung Shin, is holding a guitar, not a bass today. The reason why he transformed into a nice and heartwarming repeater Jang Shi-Woo from the KBS 2TV Special Drama ‘Thank you, Son’ that will be broadcast on the upcoming 11th Wednesday 10pm. ‘Emotion Expert’ Lee Jung Shin’s storming emotion acting and surprise debut as vocalist, and the process of preparations~ We will secretly open to those STARCAST families only. Everybody, ready for this?

#1. Singing Lee Jung Shin, ‘Expert vocalist’ 


In a flashy club, the camera is on.


Lee Jung Shin, he is an ‘expert vocalist’ for today


Skimming through the script

‘Ummm~ a sense of rocker~’

He goes upon the stage.


Q. A repeater creating a band?

Jungshin: Jang Shi-Woo, the role I am taking this time is an opposing repeater to the parents that has high educational enthusiasm. He is a person that constantly breaks away without letting his parents know. Therefore he enjoys hard(?) in the club.

Q. I heard that we can see a special scene of Lee Jung Shin from ‘Thank you, Son’.

Jungshin: I actually sang a song that was inserted into the scene of singing in the drama. I was a bit shy because it was the first time to sing a song without CNBLUE members but I tried my best. (We will open Lee Jung Shin’s singing skills after a while!)

Q. To whom do you recommend ‘Thank you, Son’?

Jungshin: It is a story about the conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and child but they finally recognize their mistakes and become a heartwarming family by finding enlightenment in the end. It will be great to watch with your families by gathering together and chatting since the Lunar New Year’s Day is coming.


‘a-e-i-o-u’ – Warming up his mouth


and shooting again.


“Look at me~ ’cause I love you~”


Have I done well?*_*



Lee Jung Shin got embarrassed after monitoring his very first singing scene. Staffs also smiled *_*

Wait a second here! We release the recording site of the song of Lee Jung Shin in ‘Thank you, Son’~


Lee Jung Shin, himself, recorded the song which Jang Shi-Woo sings in the drama. The vocal skills of Lee Jung Shin that was hidden! Check it right away from the video below. ^.^

#2. Acting Lee Jung Shin, the ‘Emotion Expert’

This is the truth which those that knows it know! The best emotional actor in CNBLUE, Lee Jung Shin. The aspect of ‘Emotion Expert’ is exhibiting most satisfactorily. Lee Jung Shin played a role of 20-year-old Jang Shi-Woo who rides on a parallel line with his parents in every aspect. We introduce the hot site where he is 100% immersed in it.


Before shooting, he is all ‘smiles’ even when he discusses with the director.



When shooting started, he became ‘serious Shi-Woo’


Even in the boarding institute,


Back at home,


In the train,


In the snowstorm,


In his training suit,



Even while practicing the script,


Lee Jung Shin’s emotion acting continues.
What had made him angry? Please check it out from KBS 2TV ‘Thank you, Son’ on Wednesday (11th) at 10pm~ Please watch the live broadcast!



Photos, Video and Article source: FNC Entertainment via Star Naver
Video credit: Star Naver via  TT_BOICE @youtube

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