[StarCast|Photos] A family photo day, revealing a venue of FNC Kingdom poster shooting!

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From veteran boy bands FTISLAND and CNBLUE, a singer songwriter Juniel, a popular Korean girl group AOA to the rookie idol group N.Flying who is in prior to their debut and in a process of turning into “heart-fluttering guy”!

What this amazing corps doing here? They are artists of FNC Entertainment and they are here to take family concert. ‘FNC Kingdom’ poster photo shoots!

STARCAST is exclusively revealing the photo shooting venue where it was full of never-ending laughter only to STARCAST readers!


FTISLAND’s vocal Lee Hong Gi and CNBLUE’s vocal Jung Yong Hwa met! First they made a hand shake~


 Gossiping began (feat. Lee Hong Gi’s hand mike)


“you all going to come to FNC Kingdom, right? Promise us~”
With the two vocals’ romance the atmosphere of the shooting venue is getting so hot ♨
A meeting made for people who love nature?!
In the above picture it is Kang Min HyuK of CNBLUE whose hobby is designing floral arrangement and Choi Jong Hoon of FTISLAND whose hobby is going hiking.
people who is going to come to FNC Kingdom is going to cross your pinky with mine~ is this how I do it?”
Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE and Juniel is making an eye contact as ‘ping- pong’ ing their lovely eyes


After, Juniel is making a “heart-fluttering” eye contact with a romance man Jung Yong Hwa.

There was a couple, who dared to be picked for a best couple award winning over these amorous dove duos,

Lee Hong Gi and Lee Jung Shin’s daring kiss
CNBLUE, we have not seen the group with full members for a while, it is nice to see them as a whole entity. Yet, it seems like someone is missing? 


Lee Jong Hyun is not here but his place filled with a mood maker Jung Yong Hwa’s (27-years-old) attractiveness >_<
“This is embarrassing ~”
Jung Yong Hwa is now back to reality, he is now a handsome guy with full of charisma
Lee Jong Hyun ‘Fighting Jjong’ joined the crew after finishing his previous schedule
What is the visual hole? CNBLUE members are showing off their handsome faces.


You are still not satisfied? Here we are revealing a behind clip where all artists of FNC Entertainment is appearing in 🙂



The two top boy bands FTISLAND AND CNBLUE’s powerful band sound and amazing singing voice who indeed a representative boy band of Asia, a singer songwriter Juniel’s clear-pure singing voice, a wonderful performance of popular girl group AOA, and rookie band N.Flying’s the very first stage in Korea!

FNC family concert will display special collaboration stage consisting of new member composition and its holding in a 4-dimensional place where will make your eyes and ears amazed and FNC KINGDOM is premiering on coming May 2nd and 3rd at Jamsil Arena.

If you leave a cheering message to FNC artists via leaving a comment, we are giving a chance for total 5 people (2tickets for one person) to meet all FNC artists at FNC Kingdom on May 3rd (Sunday)
Event period: April 10th to April 20th, 2015
Winner announcement: in the afternoon of April 22nd, 2015
Winner confirmation: FNC official web site + sending winner an individual e-mail
The way to get your FNC Kingdom tickets: on the day of FNC Kingdom concert at the concert venue

Then, let’s meet at the next STARCAST with more fun story!

Photos and Video source: FNC Entertainment via Naver Starcast
This content is made and provided by the agency
Video credit: Yfftw1120 @dailymotion
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