[Weibo|Photos|Trans] Jung Yonghwa updates from Beijing (04.10.2015)

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郑容和89: Good morning~~~

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郑容和89: You can summon dragon god by gathering 7 elements!   Today i ride a dragon into Beijing!!!

郑容和89: 集齐七项可以召唤神龙!今天乘龙进京!!!

Translator’s note: There is a saying in China that to summon the dragon god, you will need to gather 7 dragon balls and place at riverside to summon it. If the dragon god appear, it can make a wish come true.

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郑容和89: Delicious~

郑容和89:  맛있어~

Source: JYHeffect89 @weibo
Translated by: Huangyu and Camille @cnbluestorm
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm