[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa thanked fans for One Fine Day in Beijing (04.11.2015)

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郑容和89: The concert is interesting today right, Thank you Beijing! It started raining after the concert ended, it feels like this rain is congratulating me for ending this concert successfully~ Everyone please go home safety!   [爱你][抓狂]

郑容和89: 今天的演唱会有趣吧,谢谢北京!演出结束后还下雨了,感觉这场雨就像在祝贺我顺利结束这场演唱会~大家回家要小心哦![爱你][抓狂]

Source: JYHeffect89 @weibo
Translated by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm