[Weibo|Photo|Trans] Jung Yonghwa with Su You Peng and Chen Dou Lin (04.14.2015)

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郑容和89:  I met teacher Su You Peng and Chen Dou Lin at the award ceremony yesterday, totally handsome guy and pretty girl! [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

郑容和89: 在昨天的颁奖典礼上遇到的@蘇有朋 老师和陈都灵,真的是俊男靓女![抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

Source: JYHeffect89 @weibo
Translated by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm