[News] Lee Jonghyun brings kitchen spices to India

Posted on April 15, 2015 by



Jonghyun brought various kind of kitchen spices to India! The CNBLUE member admitted that he brought lot of seasoning because it is not easy for him to eat foreign cuisine.

In the first episode of ‘Fluttering India’, Jonghyun surprised viewers when he confessed that he carried a variety of seasoning before he left for India. The CNBLUE guitarist explained that the seasonings he took with him, which ranged from sugar to sesame oil would hopefully avoid any eating difficulties while in India.

“Sugar, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce. I brought them all. I can’t accept food well,” told Jonghyun.

In fact not only Jonghyun, Kyuhyun, who was initially unsure about India’s eat-with-your-hands eating habits, also carried a unique item to help him eat his meal. The Super Junior member brought a cutlery in the form of spoon-fork to make it easier to eat. Both of the item instantly managed to make the program staff and other Kyuline members burst into laughter.

What kind of excitement and adventure will the other Kyuline members and INFINITE’s Sunggyu that awaits them in ‘Fluttering India’? We’re looking forward to watch it in the next episode of KBS newest variety show program.

Article credit: Ttwigos