[Article] Three reasons why Jung Yonghwa is so popular on Weibo

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has recently been crowned as the first Korean celebrity to earn a perfect score on China’s Gaon Weibo chart.

Not only that, up until this feature is written, the CNBLUE leader has topped the weekly chart from November 17-23, 2014. It took just three weeks for Yonghwa, who entered the Weibo land with his ID @jyheffect89, to top the weekly chart before going on to top the monthly chart as well.

With his rising popularity in China, Ttwigo has analyzed three reasons that has made him so popular in this SNS world.

Selca everyday

Yonghwa sure knows how to treat fans! Fans will never get tired of seeing his handsome face, and Yonghwa knows this very well. The singer-songwriter often updates his account with various selcas of him that would immediately become a buzz on the net.

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Whether its a selca taken from the backstage of a concert or a bared-face selca from a bed, Yonghwa fulfills your desire to see his handsome face. Not only that, in his last solo reality show program on Mnet, ‘Yonghwa’s Hologram’, Yonghwa showed you his obsession in talking selca, anywhere and anytime!

So, who will reject his offer? Simply follow him on his SNS and you can see his selca almost on a daily basis.

Try his best to use Chinese language

Knowing the large target market in China, Yonghwa tries his best to communicate with fans in the local language. Besides using Korean language or simple English, Yonghwa also used Chinese words on the messages he posts on Weibo.

Yonghwa really pays attention and often answers to fans questions on Weibo. He introduced books to fans, and even tells which Chinese song he is currently listening to to attract more fans to talk about him on the net. He once uploaded a video showing him hoping to be able to speak Chinese better.

Connection with local artist

Yonghwa often communicates with local artists and displays his friendship with them on Weibo. This is a smart way to make their conversation become more popular on the net, as the message is not only talked about by Yonghwa’s fans, but also by the fans of local artists.

For example, Yonghwa once updated about a present he received from popular Chinese celebrity Fan Bing Bing. Yonghwa with CNBLUE also once posed together backstage with Chinese celebrity couple, Huang Xiao Ming and Angela Baby.

jungyonghwa with JJ lin WEIBO

Yonghwa has also shown bromance with Singaporean JJ Lin, who is currently promoting in Taiwan as an actor. Smarter yet, the two even worked together for the collaboration song, ‘Checkmate’, which is included in Yonghwa’s first solo album, ‘One Fine Day’.

Lastly, of course it is because Yonghwa’s charms! Not only is he handsome and owns excellent music skills, Yonghwa has also worked on various drama projects that popular in China.

weibo yonghwa-2

So, have you followed him on Weibo yet? If not, then go follow him and see whether or not Yonghwa will continue to top the ranking chart once again.

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