[Twitter|Weibo|Insta|Photos|Trans] Jung Yonghwa updates all SNS account and shares a series of selca after his solo concert in Budokan

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Jung Yonghwa left Korea early morning today for his concert in Budokan. When yonghwa was in the airport he saw his Union Pay standee, he took a photo of it and posted on Instagram and Weibo…

150506 yonghwa ofd-4

jyheffect0622: It’s awesome (to see this) first thing in the morning !!!!

jyheffect0622: 아침부터 대박 !!!! https://instagram.com/p/2UXvY7S9_O/
150506 yonghwa ofd weibo


150506 yonghwa ofd weibo-1

150506 yonghwa ofd-2

jyheffect0622: Hohohoho https://instagram.com/p/2VO5SBS97Q/

jyheffect0622: 호호호호 https://instagram.com/p/2VO5SBS97Q/


150506 yonghwa ofd-1

jyheffect0622: One fine day in Budokan!! You’ve work hard (you’re) the best!!!! Thank you ~~~!!!!!!!!! (I’m) touched~~~

jyheffect0622: One fine day in Budokan!! 수고 하셨습니다 최고!!!! 감사합니다~~~!!!!!!!!! 감동~~~
150506 yonghwa ofd weibo-2

郑容和89: One fine day in Budokan~~^^ [心][爱你][爱你][委屈][委屈][挤眼][挤眼]


JYHeffect: One for Twitter too~~~ Instagram, Weibo and Twitter photos are different~~~

JYHeffect: 트위터에도 하나~~~ 사진은 인스타그램 웨이보 트위터 모두 다르다는고~~~

Source: Jung Yonghwa Official SNS @Instagram, @Weibo & @Twitter
Translated and Compiled by: Camille @cnbluestorm