*updated* [Project] “One Fine Birthday”: A CNBLUESTORM event to celebrate Jung Yonghwa’s “Mileage”

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Hello BOICE!

June is fast approaching and do you know what that means? It’s our leader Jung Yonghwa’s birthday in a month. We at CNBStorm have already started preparing and planning for it. Once again, we are inviting all the fans around the world specially Emotional Boice to join us in this project.

Please check all the details below for:

1. Food Support

Food support for FNC Entertainment staffs and CNBLUE on Yonghwa’s birthday. Just like what we did for Jonghyun’s birthday, we will collaborate with Kelly Blue Star.

2.  Gift

  • T-Shirt/Shoes
  • A personalized item which we will keep secret for now

3. Birthday Cake

If funds will allow, we plan to send a special and customized cake that will be delivered to FNC too.

4. Message Book


a. Donate any amount.  ANY amount would certainly help and would be very much appreciated too. We are open for donations via

  • PAYPAL: You can simply send your donation to our Paypal account at cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com. Please choose USD as the currency.
  • WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM: Please send an email to cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com for the details.
  •  BANK DEPOSITS : For Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore only

b. Order CNBLUE & FNC artist goods through us (for Philippines only)

  • Donation is included in the price already. Price list will be posted in CNBStorm PH group on Facebook.

JYH bday project

What are donors entitled to?

All donors are entitled to write a message to be included in our gift to Yonghwa. Messages should be in English. However, if you could have translated to either Korean or Japanese so much the better. Furthermore, please avoid using google translator. Maximum of 50 words.


We will also reach out to most CNBLUE fanclubs all over the world to make it easier for BOICE to make donations locally. Please visit our blog regularly as we will update this post with more info for other countries and we will add more gifts to send for Yonghwa.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact @camille2816 for more details or you can send email to cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com

Your support really means a lot to us. Any assistance you can extend is highly appreciated.

Deadline: June 11, 2015

Thank you and we’re looking forward to your participation ^^*


For Chinese Boice:


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