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happy yong day

Today is a One Fine Special Day as it is the 27th birthday of our World Star JUNG YONG HWA. CNBLUE Leader Jung Yonghwa was born on June 22, 1989 (he is 27 by Korean age because Koreans consider a new-born baby as 1 year old)

This year is probably the busiest year for his career as he debuted as a solo artist. And to celebrate the birthday of our beloved leader, enjoy this list composed of 27 things you need to know about him.

A good read for news fans of Yonghwa~!!! Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂


27 things you need to know about Jung Yong Hwa

  1. Jung Yonghwa was born in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, South Korea but he considers Busan, South Korea as his hometown. His family moved to Busan when he was 2 years old.
  2. Yonghwa’s blood type is A.
  3. He is the maknae in their family, he has a 4-year older brother.
  4. Back during his school days, Yonghwa’s favorite subjects were English and Physical Education.
  5. Yonghwa knows how to play various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, recorder and synthesizer.
  6. Yonghwa’s favourite part of Seoul is Hongdae, he said that it is a must-see for tourists visiting Seoul. According to him “that’s where CNBLUE began”,pertaining to the days when the members of CNBLUE often met and practice there because there are a lot of live music venues. © Dramastars.com
  7. Yonghwa was casted by FNC when they saw his ‘ski resort selca’ uploaded on an ulzzang café site. He was the first generation member in the BEST NINE SCHOOL ULZZANG.  
  8. Yonghwa left for Japan to train and study music with his bandmates (CNBLUE).
  9. Yonghwa debuted as an actor first before CNBLUE’s official Korean debut. He landed his first acting role as Kang Shin Woo in the drama “You are Beautiful” which made him famous in Korea as the “towel guy”.
  10. In January 10, 2010 he debuted as the leader and lead vocalist of the Korean Rock Band CNBLUE
  11. Actor Jung Yonghwa’s career continued through the years. He landed his first lead in the drama “Heartstrings” in 2011, followed by “Future’s Choice” in 2013 and “The Three Musketeers” in 2014. 
  12. Aside from being a well-known singer, Yonghwa is also recognized for his skills in producing music. Apart from being a producer of a lot of CNBLUE’s songs, he has also produced several tracks for various artists including his label mates Juniel with “Fool” and AOA with “Love is Only You”. 
  13. According to Yonghwa he gets inspiration for writing song lyrics from his past experiences or from the experiences of the people around him.
  14. Yonghwa is also good in voice impersonation.
  15. Yonghwa made his official debut as a solo artist in January 2015 with “One Fine Day” composed of 10 tracks with collaborations with different famous singers in and outside korean entertainment industry. 
  16. Yonghwa also had his own reality show “Hologram” which is a 4-episode reality show. Make sure to check it out and get a glimpse of his “everyday life”.
  17. He had a first solo concert in Korea and also had his first solo Asian tour to promote his solo debut album “One Fine Day” and he visited countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.
  18. Yonghwa was recognized as a solo artist even outside Korea; in fact, he even received awards for it. He received the “Hottest Korean Artist Award” and “Most Influential Korean Star” in the 2015 Hongkong Weibo Star Awards and a “Solo Artist Award” from the 2015 Top Chinese Music Awards
  19. Recently, he is into Bruno Mars’ songs – he even covered it during his solo tour and attended the artist’s concert in Seoul last year. 
  20. Yonghwa was chosen to write and sing Ryu Hyun Jin’s official theme song. He re-wrote the lyrics of CNBLUE’s song – ONE TIME which was Ryu Hyun Jin’s favourite CNBLUE song and it was entitled “Ryu Can Do It”. The theme song plays every time Ryu Hyun Jin enters the LA Dodgers Stadium. © soompi 
  21. When asked what he would do when he is given an opportunity to have a vacation, he wants to travel abroad with his family as he missed a lot of family gatherings because of his busy schedule.
  22. Yonghwa has a dog back in Busan, her name is “Jjing”. 
  23. Yonghwa is considered as the “7th member” in Running Man as he is the guest who has made the most number of appearances on the variety show.
  24. One of Jung Yonghwa’s closest Korean star aside from CNBLUE and his label mates is idol turned actor Lee Joon who used to be his co-trainee. 
  25. Recently, Yonghwa enjoys lighting scented candles to put him to sleep.
  26. Life Motto: “The Power of Positive Affirmation” © Korean Drama Official Guidebook: YAB Vol. 2
  27. Lastly, make sure to follow his official SNS Accounts and stay updated about our World Star Jung Yong Hwa.

Twitter: @JYHeffect
Instagram: @jyheffect0622
Weibo: jyheffect89


One Fine Birthday Project 2015  Completed

JYH bday project

Project #1: Food Support

Again, we collaborated with Kelly Blue Star for this & it was another successful food support! T’was delivered last June 18.  It’s really a great idea collaborating with her since no one in CNBStorm staffs is in korea now.

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Project #2 Gift and Project #3 

Due to lack of funds, sadly, we were not able to accomplish this part.

Project #4 Message Book

We only received few messages so instead of making it into book, we just made it into message cards. It will be delivered on Friday, June 26 2015.


Thank you to our dearest BOICE who helped us in this project! Although we were not able to accomplish all of our planned projects, we are happy to participate and celebrate Yonghwa’s birthday this year in a simple way.

Here is the list of people who either donated to us, or helped us in this project:

  • Rahshemah Boyd (USA)
  • Kimi (France)
  • Maricel Paladin (Philippines)
  • Rose Anne (Philippines)
  • Razel Salvacion (Hongkong)
  • Chiara Marie Alagao (Philippines)
  • Malen Macaldo (Philippines)
  • Rowena Antonio (Philippines)
  • Czerina Caldera (Philippines)
  • Megan Delos Reyes (Philippines)
  • Kelly Blue Star


To our dearest CNBLUE leader and World Star Jung Yong Hwa,

Happiest Birthday! We know you have heard this many times but… Thank you for always inspiring us through your music. Thank you for making us happy. Thank you for giving us strength whenever we feel down. Continue to shine and keep on making good music. You’ve achived a lot of great and big things, we really really proud of you.  Don’t forget that your emotional angels and BOICE all over the world, we are always here to support you!


Prepared by: Miryong and Camille @cnbluestorm

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