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Today is June 28 and that means another celebration for BOICE, as it is our Lovely drummer Kang Minhyuk‘s 25th birthday. Kang Minhyuk was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 28, 1991 (he is 25 years old in Korean age because Koreans consider new-born baby as one year old).

This year is probably the year where we can see Minhyuk in more variety shows than we could in the previous years. And to celebrate this special day, here’s the list of 25 things you need to know about him. Enjoy!


25 things you need to know about Kang Minhyuk

  1. Kang Minhyuk was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 28, 1991.
  2. Minhyuk‘s blood type is A.
  3. He is the youngest in his family. He has a 3-years older sister.cici tata
  4. Minhyuk has 2 pets, Khung Ttatta and Um Chichi, which are named after drum beat.
  5. He eats beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for he said it is the easiest to cook.minhyuk-1
  6. In an episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone“, Minhyuk said that his ideal type is similar to Kim So Hyun of drama “School 2015: Who Are You“.
  7. He was casted in KBS’ variety show “Brave Family” as the second son and brother to the youngest daughter AOA‘s Seolhyun.kangminhyuk - JTBC mom is watching
  8. He is currently appearing as the MC of JTBC’s “Mom is Watching“.
  9. Last year he appeared in 3 episodes of JTBC’s Crime Scene. This year he also appeared in and episode of Crime Scene 2.mnd donghae DonghaeMinhyuk-HEADER
  10. Just like fellow member JonghyunMinhyuk is close with model-turned-actor Kim Woobin. He is also close with Super Junior‘s Donghae.
  11. Minhyuk wrote the lyrics of CNBLUE‘s song “Sweet Holiday” back in 2010.teaser-illa-illa-mv-2
  12. He appeared in Juniel‘s MV “illa illa” in 2012 and Orange Caramel‘s “Magic Girl” back in 2010.minhyuk
  13. He won the Rising Star Award in 1st K-Drama Star Awards for his role as Cha Segwang in KBS Drama “My Husband Got A Family” back in 2012. In 2013, he won the New Star Awards in SBS Drama Awards and the Best Couple Awards alongside f(x)‘s Krystal in 2014 for his role as Yoon Chan Young in the drama “The Heirs“.
  14. However, he said he often makes NG when shooting one shot (face-to-face with the camera).
  15. Not only acting, Minhyuk also sang an OST for “Heartstrings“, which was also a drama he starred in, titled “Star“.150512 minhyuk weibo update2 150512 minhyuk weibo update1
  16. Recently, he is into a new hobby, which is ikebana (flower arranging). He started learning ikebana for he said that he liked how the presence of flowers changed the mood.
  17. Minhyuk is the best at playing games among CNBLUE members.songkang
  18. He is a famous “noona killer“. It was said that comedienne Song Eun Yi joined FNC Entertainment because she wanted to see him.bm
  19. His favorite sport is baseball. He’s a fan of KIA Tigers.
  20. In junior high school, Minhyuk‘s nickname was Kang-goon (goon is a term for young lad).
  21. During CNBLUE World Tour BLUE MOON in Singapore back in 2013, Yonghwa said that Minhyuk‘s english name is Ethan.
  22. In an episode of Brave Family in Cambodia, it is apparent that Minhyuk hates bugs.
  23. Minhyuk‘s nickname within CNBLUE is “Lee Jonghyun’s wife”, for he takes care of Jonghyun all the time.kang minhyuk thailand fanmeeting 2015
  24. He is going to hold his first solo fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on July 25, 2015.
  25. Lastly, don’t miss updates from his official SNS account on Twitter @MR_KANGGUN, Instagram @mr_kanggun, and Weibo kangminhyuk91


Lovely Birthday Birthday Project 2015 for MR. KANGGUN *still on-going*

Minhyuk BDAY PROJECT 2015

Project #1: Food Support

Again, we collaborated with Kelly Blue Star for this & it was another successful food support! T’was delivered last June 18 and other gifts delivered last June 26.  It’s really a great idea collaborating with her since no one in CNBStorm staffs is in korea now. Please check below for the photos of Food support.

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Project #2: Personalized Birthday Cake + Project #4: Message cards

CHANGE OF PLANS. Due to many fans that sent their cake and delivery of cake were rejected by FNC. So we decided to have fan support on Minhyuk’s 1st Solo Fanmeet in Thailand. Please stay tuned for more details.


Special mention to the following BOICE and fanclubs who either donated to us, or helped us in this project:

  • Rahshemah Boyd (USA)
  • CNBLUE Argentina
  • Lorena Buensuceso (Philippines)
  • Rowena Antonio (Philippines)
  • Maricel Paladin (Philippines)
  • Rose Anne (Philippines)
  • Claire Capuras (Saudi Arabia)
  • MJ Castro (Philippines)
  • Dada Vee (Philippines)
  • Carol Bobis (Philippines)
  • Rochelle Moyano-Magat (Singapore)
  • Camille (Philippines)
  • Shaz Flores (Philippines)
  • Mikko Carandang (Philippines)
  • Kelly Blue Star


To our dearest CNBLUE drummer Kang Minhyuk,

Happy 25th Birthday Kanggun-ssi! We wish you good health and happiness in your life. Also, we hope you will slowly achieve all your dream. Thank you very much for making us fans, happy and bright! Keep in mind that fans specially International fans will love you no matter what. We hope to see you in drama or movie, SOON ^^ Goodluck on your solo fanmeeet. Fighting!



Prepared by: vebyoktia and Camille @cnbluestorm

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