[Twitter|Photos|Trans] CNBLUE successfully ended Official Fan Meeting 2015 BOICE “Summer Festival” in Osaka (06.24.2015)

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BOICE Japan Fanmeeting 2015 Osaka Day 1@fncmusicjapan:【CNBLUE】CNBLUE OFFICIAL FAN MEETING 2015 BOICE “Summer Festival” first day of performances in Osaka ended with great excitment! And also today YH’s birthday cake was prepared as surprise ☆ See you tomorrow again ☆

【CNBLUE】CNBLUE OFFICIAL FAN MEETING 2015 BOICE”夏祭り”の大阪公演1日目大盛り上がりで終了!本日はサプライズで用意したヨンファのバースデーケーキとともに☆また明日お会いしましょう☆BOICE Japan Fanmeeting 2015 Osaka Day 2

@fncmusicjapan: 【CNBLUE】CNBLUE OFFICIAL FAN MEETING 2015 BOICE “Summer festival” all performances ended! Thank you very much! Please look forward to the new album and autumn arena tour☆

【CNBLUE】「CNBLUE OFFICIAL FAN MEETING 2015 BOICE”夏祭り”」全公演終了いたしました!ありがとうございます!ニューアルバム、そして秋のアリーナツアーもどうぞお楽しみに☆

Source: fncmusicjapan @Twitter
Translated by: Kimi @cnbluestorm
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm