[Article|Trans] CNBLUE, Countdown D-28 hours to “Cinderella”

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Right when the clock ticks to 12, CNBLUE’s brand new song which lingers in your ears like magic, <Cinderella>, has finally been released.


28 hours before the release, CNBLUE members had started the countdown through ‘Naver V app’. From thrilling spoiler to impromptu rap, CNBLUE’s full-of-tension 28 hours will be revealed.

D-28h. Enjoying the bites and taste, “Cinderella” eating broadcast spoiler!


“Hello↗oo↗↗ We are CNBLUE~”


Their eyes were all focused on the meat^^

CNBLUE gathered up to have some time for some meal and <Cinderella> spoiler.


Before the full-scale eating broadcast, leader Jung Yonghwa along with maknae Lee Jungshin did some stretching.

Today you can expect some physical affection from this couple!


‘I’m the chef for the day~’

Jungshin who’s in charge of Sukiyaki is so focused on cooking!


While waiting for the food, they were so focused on checking on the real-time V app, pressing the heart button so madly as if his hand was possessed.


Eating good food together with the members, ‘I live alone’ Kang Minhyuk can’t help himself not to smile.


“5959~ eat a lot, Jungshin >_<”

[T/N: 5959 means ‘aigoo’]


Shouting “Oh my V app”, V app’s ultimate fan Jung Yonghwa firmly grabs the meat with his chopstick,


“Oppa” mound, destroying dieter’s firm determination.gif

“Everybody~ Say ahhh~~”


Tasting the food on behalf of everyone, Jung Yonghwa‘s 3-step reaction,

‘still+eyes wide openedㅇ_ㅇ+smile’

cd12Showing his MC instinct even while eating, Leader Jung Yonghwa

“New song ‘Cinderella’ will be released in 28 hours. How are you feeeeeling~?”


[T/N: Jungshin said it in a cute way. It means ‘good’.]


[Exclusive] CNBLUE drummer Kang Minhyuk transformed into a rapper?!
No, No~
Kang Minhyuk likes the songs in the second album so much that he even made a rap out of them.
What was it like?
There was a <Cinderella>.
She hides and appeared, playing <Hide and Seek> with me.
That’s why my heart goes up and down, like a <Roller Coaster>,
My heart going up and down, collapsed one by one like <Domino>.
“After a year and 7 months, we’ve come back with a full length album consisting of 11 tracks. All songs feel like title track. We want to promote all of them.”
28 hours before comeback was filled with confidence in music and anticipation about the comeback this time round.
“Please look forward to it~”
D-26h. Drunk with memories “Drunken Night” Drummer Kang Minhyuk’s Countdown!
After a long, long talks with the members, drummer Kang Minhyuk rode the ferris wheel alone to settle his trembling heart.
Before debuting in Korea with “I’m a Loner” in 2010, CNBLUE had experienced busking on the streets of Japan, carrying their own instruments with a hand cart.
Not even a year after their debut, they held “Zepp Tokyo”, including Zepp tour in four other cities, and reborn as a band who filled the “arena” packed with audiences in every city of Japan in just a year and a half.
The album <2gether> this time round, we won’t forget the heart we had then and will run hard!
D-9h. “Radio” in our heart, now the melody has reached you.
6 hours to September 14, CNBLUE divided their break time to practice for their comeback showcase <Be My Cinderella>.
“CNderella~ ooh ooh ooh~ don’t leave me alone~♪”
cd21While Yonghwa was bragging about his statue-like handsome face, guitarist Lee Jonghyun who was lying down got right up!
“When it rings at 12~ she disappears like magic~♬”
Even when he’s sitting down,
or when he’s lying down, drummer Kang Minhyuk keeps practicing, never putting the drum stick off his hands.
“If that’s so, I can’t just stay still~”
cd26To the long-legged Lee Jungshin, holding a bass is always the right image.
“There’s ear listening to this practice…..”
Leader-maknae line’s impromptu duet is happening.
The reason Minhyuk keenly looks after Yonghwa‘s microphone is…
to support “Hyung-Line”‘s live countdown, 9 hours before the <Cinderella> MV release!
D-1h. <Cinderella> release.
Finally, one more hour to <Cinderella> release!
“Cinderella, fighting~”
Right when the clock ticks to 12, CNBLUE gathered up, monitoring <Cinderella> music video.
For the fans who continuously clicked the heart button during the real-time, here are some selcas of CNBLUE members.
The best
Don’t lose your mind because of this good-looking face~
D+12h. <Be My Cinderella> live showcase rehearsal revealed for the first time!
♨Hot rehearsal set that reminds you of the hot CNBLUE concert♨
CNBLUE’s passionate rehearsal creates hot stage performance. This is a showcase with an encore.
What do you think of CNBLUE’s rushing figures counting down 28 hours before <Cinderella> release?
Was it, like a date, heart fluttering?
Full of tension like a rally, the 28 hours that passed by..
We will exactly show you an awesome live performance.
Please give a lot of love to CNBLUE and new song <Cinderella>
Source: Naver
Article and Images Credit: FNC Entertainment
Translated by: vebyoktia@cnbluestorm.com
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