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Hello dearest BOICE,

Here is one of the most important posts you will ever read, or at least for now it is! As you all know CNBLUE is about to comeback with their 2nd album, ‘CINDERELLA’ which is dropping on September 14th 2015. This informational post is chock full of all you need to know to get CNBLUE the most SNS Points this comeback. In case you aren’t aware, the 4 major music shows listed below rate the artists during comeback for the amount of fan support they get so that’s how the Idol groups that win at the end of the shows win the most points! The points are counted from all the tweets we send that use the correct hashtags and several other ways.



Korean Music Show Chart System

1. Mnet M! Countdown

a. Digital Score (Downloads + Streaming) – 50%
               Mnet, Melon, Bugs, Soribada
b. Physical Album Sales – 10%
                Based off Hanteo Chart
c. Pre-Voting – 10%
d. Social Media Score – 10%
                YouTube + SNS points
e. Live Text Voting – 10%
               Vote for CNBLUE if they are in the top 10. Text 씨엔블루 and send  to +822566 or 00822566. If you are residing to Korea send it to 2566. Make sure to send your votes during the voting frame that show hosts give to viewers

2.  KBS Music Bank

a. Digital Score (Downloads + Streaming) – 65%
Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, Mnet, Soribada, Nate, Genie Ringtones
b. Physical Album Sales – 5%
                Weekly sales from Synnara and Hot Tracks
c. # of Times Broadcast on KBS – 20%
d. Viewer Committee Pre-Voting – 10%

3. MBC Show! Music Core

a. Digital Score (Downloads + Streaming) – 50%
b. Physical Album Sales – 20%
c. Viewer Committee Pre-Voting – 10%
d. Live Text Voting (for 1st place nominees, only) – 10%
    Vote for CNBLUE if they are in the top 3. Text 씨엔블루 and send  to 820505 or 00820505 . If you are residing to Korea send it to 0505.  Music Core requires you to vote for two nominees/artists. For example, if SISTAR and  JUNIEL is nominated along with CNBLUE, you must vote for one of them along with CNBLUE. If I send ‘씨엔블루,주니엘” it means I’d be voting for CNBLUE and Juniel.

e. Video Score – 10%

4. SBS Inkigayo

a. Digital Score (Downloads + Streaming) – 60%
    Based off of Gaon Digital Chart (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Cyworld, Mnet, Daum Music)
b. Physical Album Sales – 0%
c. Gaon Social Chart – 35%
                YouTube (watch, like, comment), Twitter (#CNBLUE_CINDERELLA #CNBLUE & retweet), Facebook (share, comment, like)
d. Pre & Live Voting – 5%

This is what International fans can do to help CNBLUE on music shows:

Social Media Points

Watch the music video on YouTube

  • Make sure you are logged-in to YouTube.
  • Watch CNBLUE’s Cinderella Music video from their official channel. (this  is important, especially for Inkigayo!)
  • Watch performances uploaded on broadcast’s official youtube channels  (SBS, MBC, MNet)
  • Refresh the actual page instead of just clicking replay on the video.
  • Watch the FULL video before refreshing. Watch in at least 720p.
  • If embedding the video on a website, make sure the video is not set on auto-play. When the video is played automatically, this will not count as a view count.
  • DO NOT use third-party websites that refresh the page automatically or add views. YouTube will catch these and not count these as views.
  • LIKE, FAVORITE AND COMMENT AS WELL on the MV or Live video performances. THIS COUNTS.


  • Tag all of your tweets with #CNBLUE_CINDERELLA, #씨엔블루.
  • Search for  #CNBLUE #2gether #신데렐라 on twitter.
  • Make sure your twitter is not a private account.
  • Don’t spam hashtags or over-tag a tweet.
  • Don’t use more than 2 hashtags per tweet.
  • Retweet all tweets from CNBLUE Official accounts.

Others (Facebook, Naver, etc.)

  • LIKE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SHARE on all posts on CNBLUE Facebook page.
  • Search CNBLUE, 2gether, CINDERELLA, 신데렐라 or  씨엔블루 on Nate, Naver, and Daum. Make sure to do these after a music show.

Buying a Physical Album

Hanteo chart is the biggest physical album sales chart in South Korea. It monitors daily, weekly, and monthly. It also helps to determine winners on Korean music shows such as Mnet Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, MBC Show Champion. Purchasing through Gmarket, YesAsia, KpopTown, Hot Tracks and Synnara is safest to ensure that your purchase will count towards charts. It is also good to purchase during the purchasing periods for fansignings

Digital Scores, Online Download & Streaming on Korean Music Sites

The following sites below contributes large portion toward digital score and music show scores:

1. Melon Chart

  • Streaming – 40%
  • Download – 60%
  • One download per user will count.
  • One stream per hour and each user is allowed.
  • You can gift the song to other users but it will only count if that user will download/stream the song.

2. Mnet

  • Streaming – 50%
  • Download – 50%
  • Do not play or pause while streaming.
  • One stream per hour and each user is allowed.
  • Only one download each user will count.

3. Bugs

  • Streaming – 20%
  • Download – 80%
  • Each user can make 5 IDs.
  • Do not play or pause while streaming
  • One stream per hour and each user is allowed.
  • Downloads on mobile does not count.

4. Soribada

  • Streaming – 50%
  • Download – 50%
  • International users can purchase a digital single
  • Do not mute while streaming.

Sadly, ITUNES purchase does not count toward any digital sale charts in Korea BUT it will help CNBLUE get recognized internationally.



We hope this tutorial would be helpful for International Boice, specially to the new ones! Read this carefully, if you have some questions please leave a comment below. Let us help CNBLUE to win and bag some awards. FIGHTING BOICE, DAJUKJA!!! ^^

Prepared and Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

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