[Twitter|Instagram|Trans] CNBLUE wishes fans a happy Chuseok! #씨엔블루 #신데렐라

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CNBLUE wishes fans a happy Chuseok! Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving, and at this time of the year Koreans usually spend Chuseok holiday with their family.

CNBLUE Leader Jung Yonghwa updated his Instagram account on September 26, 2015:


@jyheffect0622: Have a happy Chuseok, everyone! ^^ Please eat a lot~!

@jyheffect0622: 여러분 즐거운 추석 보내세요 . ^^ 많이 드시구요~!

Kang Minhyuk also posted his Chuseok wishes on Twitter:


@MR_KANGGUN: Have an enjoyable Chuseok holiday! For those who drive please drive safely! Eat a lot of good foods, have a happy Thanksgiving Day!

@MR_KANGGUN 연휴 잘 보내세요 운전하시는 분들은 안전운전하시고 맛있는거 많이 먹고 즐거운 한가위 보내세요

Lee Jungshin shared a photo of him exercising on Chuseok holiday:


@leejungshin91: Out of Holiday #greatjob #thankyou

@leejungshin91: 아웃오브연휴

While Lee Jonghyun wishes us a happy time with family, along with a picture from his magazine photoshoot on his Instagram account the previous day, September 25,2015:


@cnbluegt: Hope you have a good time with your family.

@cnbluegt: 가족들과 좋은 시간 보내시길.

Not only that, he also gave us update on how he spent the special day through his Instagram on September 27, 2015:


@cnbluegt: The passion to teach even on Chuseok! Was visiting Coach Cho Junho’s home and I got to eat delicious food! Also got to exercise! All his family members are judoka so the flooring is made of judo mat haha so cool! I love you, Coach. Haha

@cnbluegt: 추석날에도 가르쳐주시는 열정!!
조준호코치님 집에 놀러가서 맛있는 밥도 얻어 먹고!
운동도하고! 온가족이 다 유도인이고 바닥까지 매트였다 ㅎㅎ멋짐. 사랑해요 코치님 ㅎ

Upon Chuseok celebration, FNC Entertainment also shared pictures of CNBLUE members wishing fans a happy Chuseok:

“Have a happy Chuseok!”


“Happy Thanksgiving!”


“Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!”


“Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you!”

Source: @jyheffect0622, @leejungshin91, @cnbluegt on Instagram
@MR_KANGGUN on Twitter
Image credits: FNC Entertainment/Naver Starcast
Translated by: vebyoktia @cnbluestorm
Edited and Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm