[IG|Trans] Yonghwa shared picture with his parents on Instagram (10.21.2015)

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Jung Yonghwa was appointed as the ambassador for <2016 Busan ‘One-Asia Festival’>, and the Appointment Ceremony was held today, October 21, 2015 at Busan City Hall. Upon the occasion he posted a picture of him and his proud parents:


“@jyheffect0622: 2016 부산 원아시아페스티발 홍보대사 정용화 !!! 자랑스러워 하시는 부모님 ㅎㅎ”

[Trans] “@jyheffect0622: 2016 Busan One-Asia Ambassador Jung Yonghwa !!! Proud parents haha”

Source: @jyheffect0622 on Instagram
Translated by: vebyoktia@cnbluestorm