[Review|Photos] CNBLUE’s Supernova in Japan: Feedback on the 2015 Arena Tour and final at Nippon Budokan

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Following the release of their 4th japan major album colors, CNBLUE embarked for the 2015 Arena Tour ~Be a Supernova~ in November. 5 cities, 8 performances, and the 9th was held last December 3rd at Nippon Budokan for a final Supernova. A final that was going to be an incredible final!

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The first surprise when fans entered in the venue was the stage configuration. During all the tour, which visit the famous cities Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, and for the first time Nagano and Fukui, it was a stage with a giant and high widescreen divided into 12 small screens and lined with spotlights from ground until the ceiling to enable very good light effects. But for this final, it was a center rotary stage with the logo of the band on the floor. Boice were expecting this special stage during all the tour, CNBLUE made it!

The hall became dark, showing the blue ocean created by fans’s lightsticks. The ouverture was not the intro of colors but a strange and sweet lullaby. The boys appeared from each side of the hall, walking near the fans from the arena zone to the center stage. Under the blue lights with low intensity, we could only see their silhouettes until the song start by Yonghwa‘s “Be a Supernova baby”.

The four widescreen above the stage only filmed the boys but a low screen getting around showed all the usual animations we had during the previous concerts. The sky full of stars during Supernova appeared on this screen and white lights made the boys and stage apparent. During all the tour, the boys wore casual and simple clothes and Yonghwa always started the concert wearing sunglasses. Supernova, main track of colors album and of this tour, didn’t disappoint and brought on the explosion of our four stars. During a concert, this song is really impressive and attractive. Only few notes and we were travelling to the BLUE PLANET.

WHITE changed the atmosphere and made it more intense and turned the venue into a true nightclub with flash and dynamic lights. Yonghwa stood up on the platform in front of him and screamed “BUDOKAN!!!” The stage started to rotate, so that everyone from each side was able to see their faces and feel close to them. That center stage in a hall like Nippon Budokan is the best for about 20 000 people attending. No matter where you are you are not really far.

For those who have not attended CNBLUE‘s Live Come Together in Seoul on October, the next song might have been a new song because of a different beginning. But it was just the new version of I’m a Loner, with some electro and techno sounds thanks to Yonghwa‘s synthesizer. The leader played with fun, showing some cute facial expressions. Then he took off his sunglasses (everyone screamed) and approached the edge of the stage, keeping moving and asking the audience to sing with him while Jungshin and Jonghyun were jumping non-stop. The boys invaded every space of the stage and the union between the boys and the fans was very strong. So, how to make I’m a Loner a better song? Ask to the audience to sing and put Yonghwa behind synthesizer. He really seemed enjoying playing keyboards during this song. Even if he’s mainly one of CNBLUE‘s guitarist, the instrument he brings or not doesn’t matter. He can headbangue with his guitar, dance behind his keyboards or jump on stage when he only have his micro, he stays amazing and attractive! Not only him, but also the others members. They have more and more confidence since their debuts on the streets.

Budokan 2

The atmosphere was already hot thanks to this strong beginning, but the boys took some time to greet their fans.
“Hello we are CNBLUE! Last day at Budokan, it’s a special stage because of this center stage. You wanted this stage during all the tour, we made it! Ladies and gentlemen, BE A SUPERNOVA.” Yonghwa repeated the tour’s name with a strange scary voice. “BE A SUPERNOVA! Until the end let’s enjoy! We are close, you’re all cute. CNBLUE fans are the cutest. And CNBLUE are the coolest guys! Let’s make a good live until the end! Let’s giving our best! Because everyone is here, we are here too. We can exist thanks to you. We are the one. During live we all become one.”

During the tour, they often asked if some fans were attending their first CNBLUE concert. New fans kept coming for the first time. Grateful for having new fans, Yonghwa added:

It’s the first concert but maybe after you will always come. Because each concert is different. Please always come to the next.

They liked to joke during MC, creating puns for each city or performing impromptu songs about the local food. For Nagano, we won’t forget the joke about ski. “Ski ga suki?” (“Do you like ski?”, “suki”, which sound a little like ski, means “like/love” in Japanese). In Osaka, Yonghwa kept singing “Oooooo-saka-saka” for fun.
More seriously, they talked about their work this year with the release of colors and 2gether. Yonghwa mentioned his solo album and that he has written 27 songs. Jungshin mentioned the first place at Oricon Weekly Chart (CNBLUE topped the chart by selling more than 31,000 copies of colors album) and thanked the fans for their support.

“Budokan, I can’t ever ever ever stop loving you!” And Can’t stop started immediately. The audience sang the song and Yonghwa stopped singing to listen before continuing the chorus. At that moment the stage turned again. After the chorus, the song and stage stopped unexpectedly. Technical problem or not, we will never know, but as nothing happened, the boys restarted the song from the beginning, introduced by Yonghwa‘s keyboards. Even if this song is very often performed during concerts, you can’t stop enjoying the live version. They can’t stop loving us and we can’t stop loving them. Everyone’s energy and enthusiasm was blameless.

Then Yonghwa returned to his guitarist position and said “Clap your hands everybody”. HEART Song started and stole everyone’s heart. The lights effects gave more feelings and passion to the song, especially when Yonghwa sang the lyrics “Hey can you hear me?” as yellow lights only illuminated him at that moment. The stage kept rotating slowly. The boys were really enjoying this stage, they kept smiling, dancing, jumping and performing always with fun and pleasure.

One of the most funny part of this tour was the interlude before LOVE. Yonghwa always asked to the audience to repeat after him. “Say yeah say oh say ouh ouh. Say yeah!”. Fans always repeated in the same tone, but once the leader made the beatbox, it was a fail and everyone stayed quiet. LOVE also had something new as a jazzy short solo always introduced it. During the song, Yonghwa asked for more LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Clap, Clap, Clap and showed his irresistible charm, funny and cute facial expressions, and gave some flying kisses while dancing.

“Are you having fun?!” they often asked at each performance. “Stage is always hot but tonight is hotter! Next songs will show you our rock face. Let’s enjoy like it was a summer festival!”

Where you are and In My Head were the songs which impressed the audience by showing and remaining their rock side. These song are more powerful thanks to amazing guitar riffs and beats that the walls and floor would vibrate. We could clearly hear Yonghwa‘s and Jonghyun‘s lightning-fast guitar solos. On the other hand, Jungshin‘s flexible bass and Minhyuk‘s wild beats made moving the crowd. For Where you are, waves of red lights spread around the stage. Jonghyun was like a crazy boss during his solo, his fingers slipped quickly on the strings of his guitar, making it vibrating strongly. He always played guitar with incredible strength while the other members performed with the same energy. The flash and lights were focused on him, giving an incredible impact to the sound.

Budokan 5

In my Head was fantastic thanks to smokes and a short powerful solo added at the end. They were reunited around Minhyuk‘s drums, all headbanging and playing with full of energy and Yonghwa kneeling in front of the drums, showing their strong friendship. You can’t imagine the strengh Minhyuk was playing drums with!

Lady brought us into the party time and made us dance. The boys often danced together and Yonghwa sang with various voice tones. At the end of each Lady‘s performance, he kissed his micro for all the venue.

During another MC, Jungshin introduced his first song, “The next song is the song of colors I made. I’m happy to be able to give it to you. Everyone, Daisy.” When Jungshin talked about this song during the tour, he always said this song is like a present for boice. He was always happy to be able to perform it. We could feel how happy he was and that this song is important for him. In Osaka Yonghwa even said to him “Continue to make good songs”.

Budokan 3

Daisy, IRONY, STAY SOBER and realize are the ballads songs which dumped an emotions wave as Yonghwa and Jonghyun expressed strong feelings when they were singing. This romantic and melancholic ballad session was not going to refresh Boice’s hearts.

During Daisy, at the previous performances, the widescreen was turned off and the white lights behind were elevating, like a rising sun behind a window. In Budokan, because of the center stage, few lights came from 3rd floor in the hall, like the sun shining in the sky. “The sun always shines.” Behind these lyrics and lights, we could feel hope.

Yonghwa was especially attractive during STAY SOBER and realize. During realize the dark blue lights with low intensity surrounding the stage from floor to ceiling and the animations on widescreen gave a romantic and melancholic atmosphere. Even after nine concerts, it’s hard to describe these effects but the result is really good and wonderful and, girls (and boys?), when you look at Yonghwa illuminated by these lights, you can’t stop watching him. He really appreciate this song and singing it. He made one with his guitar and his micro (he confirmed himself, when he sing this kind of song in live, he becomes one with the music), showing his incredible charm, singing with sensuality, making everyone falling for him. The way he sing this song is deeply mesmerizing and wonderful. He put all his emotions on the vocals, closes his eyes to focus on the music. By seeing him singing this song we can feel how important and touching is this song for him.
Jonghyun also marveled the crowd when he performed IRONY with passion. His melodious voice charmed everyone in the hall. Burning Jonghyun burned our hearts.

“Baby you can stand. You have a power. Let’s all giving our best! Please wait for better concerts next year!” said Yonghwa after finishing the ballad session. Jungshin added: “The next song is maybe the one you are more expecting.” and Yonghwa replied by “Everyday is a holiday!”

holiday is the song of colors that has really more power in live thanks to the guitar and bass sound. Not to mention the stage production; rotating and dynamic spotlights, deeply red lights, and… fire! A lot of flamethrowers! The atmosphere was already hot and it began even hotter! Catch me quickly followed with the “wohoho” from the chorus and Yonghwa‘s “Catch me now baby”. The light were very dynamic during this song too. Like in Osaka, Yonghwa changed the lyrics to say “K-Pop to the BUDOKAN”. The boys gave all their energy, jumping, dancing and interacting together. A solo mixing guitar and digital sounds produced by synthesizer makes the song even more incredible, making the transition with Cinderella. Once you heard this song, it stayed automatically in your mind! The boys once again enjoyed the stage during this song. Yonghwa, without his guitar, danced with fun and sensuality, putting some “woh woh”. He sent some flying kisses and he even lied down on stage.

He then came back to the keyboards for the last song, Radio. Last but not least. This song bring an incredible power in live. The chorus was so dynamic, making everyone jumping. After the concert, the magic “woho ho ho” from the band and the audience who became one for the chorus keep resonating in your head. In Nippon Budokan it was even more amazing and magic! The boys’ energy had no limit and everyone’s cheers made this song more enjoyable. At the end, Yonghwa got out of the stage to run around it near the first rows before following the other members to the backstages.

The audience was not tired and everyone screamed non stop for an encore. Around five minutes later, the boys were back, wearing various T-shirt of the tour.

The encore was always a great, funny and friendly moment, and different at each stop. Only three songs but an encore for more than 30 min because the boys talked and joked a lot together. Yonghwa often joked behind the keyboards again like a child playing with his favorite toy. In Yoyogi, he imitated Eagles singing Hotel California but he failed with the lyrics and played famous classic air. In Nagoya, they talked about drama and mentioned Buzzer Beat. Yonghwa played a piano version of the opening theme and then improvised various songs and imitated Hyde singing songs of L’Arc~en~Ciel. They also played a very little part of Lucid Dream, song from colors album but not included in the set list. In Osaka, they performed a medley including Hey you, LOVE and Let’s go crazy. Yonghwa also sang his song Mileage and imitated YDG‘s voice.

At each stop, they put a funny game with the keyborads which was “What can you see when you hear this note?”. Yonghwa always asked this question to the members. And the members always found replies that made laugh or smile the audience. For example, during Yoyogi concert, Junsghin mentioned food, Gyudon, or Hachiko. Jonghyun replied Titanic and Yonghwa started to play the music of the movie. We won’t forget Minhyuk‘s reply “I can see the sea” while pointing the hall “this is the sea, everyone with your blue lightsticks, you’re like the sea.”

Budokan 4

Something else to remember during the second day concert in Osaka was Yonghwa‘s greetings in various languages. “It’s an international live tonight in Osaka! Konnichiwa, Hello, Annyeong, Hola, Bonjour…”. Indeed not only Japanese or Asian Boice attended the tour, but also International Boice who came from Mexico, Germany or France. Love light was the magical song of the encore, as the boys and fans sang together the chorus. But every good thing has an ending and the boys had to said goodbye with hold my hands in Korean. During the solo on piano before it, Yonghwa was very focused on the notes. There was no noise except the sound of the piano, everyone was listening closely. A good song to close the stage in a romantic note.

But for the final in Budokan, they performed a better and more incredible encore for almost one hour! “Thank you very much. Let’s always do our best. Always try again smile again. Let’s Try again smile again! We will keep working hard, until we become grandfather. If you feel bad or sad, listen to our songs to feel better! Try again smile again! We love you Budokan!”

The stage rotated again. Jonghyun and Jungshin were sat down, looking at the audience and asking for singing more with them. The message behind Try again, Smile again is touching, like keep working hard, never give up, always with smile. Then everyone made a wave in same time Yonghwa was running around the stage, following the wave! He asked to the audience to sit down to make another better wave. In same time fans were doing the wave the boys were running one after other.

During Love Light, they asked the audience to sing for them and everyone did it. The boys listened to the audience who managed to sing the entire chorus, they were amazed and smiling. After Yonghwa said: “I will sing for you, please close your eyes”. He took off his micro and sang loudly and fans closed their eyes. It created a magic atmosphere, like hearing a sweet lullaby.
They couldn’t stop making lot of good suprises. They changed their position too! Minhyuk on vocals, Jonghyun on bass, Jungshin on guitar and Yonghwa on drums. Minhyuk showed a cute face while singing. After Jonghyun sat on the keyboards and Minhyuk took the bass and had some difficulties to play the instrument, making laugh the audience.

“Thank you for coming. We will keep giving our best! Let’s meet again for a bigger concert. Budokan we love you, baby hold my hand!”
hold my hands should be the last song with the lovely “Lalalala” from everyone. However, fans were not tired and screamed for an encore again. By seeing Boice so enthusiasts, the boys talked together and said “It’s being late so we have to finish soon, we can do only one more song. The last song will be RADIO!” So they performed again Radio. which perfectly closed the stage and concluded this tour. It was already the end of an incredible Supernova.


During this Arena Tour and this final at Nippon Budokan, the boys played their instruments with exuberant fervor. CNBLUE is not a band who just shows up to play music. When they perform, they bring their playfulness and show their personalities on the stage. The boys are passionate musicians and for them, each live is like an opportunity to have fun with each other and their fans. They were close and didn’t hesitate to play together or rave and laugh with each other.
They became more and more confident on stage and have learned how to keep the show going from beginning to end at every concert, proving that stage is their area. The four boys surprised us thanks to their live skills, better and better as time passes: presence, amazing and emotional vocals, great and powerful solos. They played with pleasure and enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy the performance along with their fans which were singing, dancing and waving their lightsticks along with the music.
Yonghwa and Jonghyun caught everyone’s attention with their guitar skills and their smooth voices which, despite their vocal differences, fit perfectly together. Yonghwa is a great leader, seducer, lover, showman. He used his words, acting skills and cute face expressions to increase the power of the screams. Jonghyun didn’t do as much fan-service but his melodies were enough to reveal his charm. Minhyuk beat on his drums with excitement and Jungshin was able to excite the crowd while talking during MC and performed his rap and chorus successfully.

So CNBLUE‘s members were able to share their feeling through their music and touch each person. Live house or Arena, pyrotechnics or not, CNBLUE always has the particularity to offer exceptional performance. Each city they visited during this tour was an unforgettable moment and we could always notice something new that make each new live better than the previous. Even if the set list was the same during all the tour, every show was different with a lot of surprises and many feelings, as Minhyuk told during Yoyogi concert. But one point that never change is that time was always going too fast. Two hours and half with CNBLUE that seemed to be only 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Because CNBLUE‘s concerts are always an enjoyable experience, a travel to Wonderland, a blue daydream!

The huge venue was full of bright lighting with various colors according to the songs which surprised the audience as well. From the love pink, red passion, to romantic blue, the spotlights made great light effects on the stage and all over the hall.

For almost three hours, the walls of the Nippon Budokan vibrated strongly thanks a great setlist featuring CNBLUE‘s favorite songs from colors album and also some tracks from their Korean discography including the ones from the second album 2gether. A set list proving that yes, CNBLUE‘s style has many colors, not only BLUE.

Nagano was a good star for this tour and a place the boys wanted to come back to do ski and snowboard. This final at Budokan was a show to mark as one of their best concerts and a different ~Be A Supernova~ concert after the 8 previous performances. The DVD has been recorded during the second day in Osaka so no worries! If you have missed this tour, you will be able to attend it through your TV soon! This 2015 Arena Tour is over, but for CNBLUE and Boice, better concerts are coming! Next year, the boys will continue their Come Together tour in Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and maybe more later.



I’m a loner
Can’t Stop
Where you are
In my head
Catch me
Try again smile again
Love light
Hold my hands
Radio (Budokan only)

Reported & Written by: Kimi@cnbluestorm
Photos credits: Kimi@cnbluestorm | FNC MUSIC JAPAN (via Kstyle, @fncmusicjapan, @MR_KANGGUN)
Photos compiled and re-uploaded by: Kimi@cnbluestorm

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