[News] CNBLUE talks about competing band DAY6

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During an interview at a cafe in Seoul on April 4, CNBLUE talked about the competing band out right now, JYP‘s DAY6, although they strayed from specifics prudently.

Jung Yonghwa said, “We saw the video when DAY6 first came out.  They had a concept and seemed to do well.  We hope that there would be more bands like DAY6.  There has to be a lot of major bands for the attention on bands to expand.”

Lee Jonghyun said, “We hope that there’ll be a lot of friends with whom we can hang out with while playing instruments together after meeting in the broadcasting company’s waiting room.  I’m bored in the waiting room,” causing laughter.

Can CNBLUE and DAY6 play together in the waiting room then?!  They’re both promoting right now, so fans would love this.

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