[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa reveals he suffers from Insomnia

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CNBLUE′s Jung Yong Hwa opened up about his struggles with insomnia.

CNBLUE members Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin sat down for an interview at an undisclosed hotel in Seoul′s Cheongdamdong on April 4 to talk about their sixth mini album Blueming.


Jung Yong Hwa said of the song Young Forever, “I wrote that song when I couldn′t fall sleep. Because we took off as soon as we debuted, if I don′t feel it to that extent, I think I haven′t succeeded. Because I think that, I′m suffering from insomnia.”

When a reporter said, “You′re so successful that it′s surprising to hear that you′re suffering from insomnia,” Jung Yong Hwa said, “I′ve had insomnia for a while now. I think a lot and am really ambitious. When my thoughts catch on, I can′t sleep. I′m trying to let things go. But it′s still difficult for me to sleep. I′ve forgotten what it feels like to get a good night′s sleep. I want to be able to sleep properly again soon.”

CNBLUE′s new mini album Blueming was released on April 4, marking the group′s return to the music scene after seven months. You′re So Fine is the lead single from the album, which also contains tracks The Seasons, Young Forever, Without You and Stay Sober. Jung Yong Hwa wrote and composed the lead single You′re So Fine and Young Forever, proving his prowess as a singer-songwriter once again.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “If we had started out slow and blew up later, it may have been different, but because Loner did so well from the beginning, I don′t think I can help but have those thoughts. I know it won′t be like that every time, but it′s something I can′t help. Because we′ve done well until now, I hope to be able to do better than before again.”

He concluded by saying, “My dream is still to be a Billboard star. I think if it doesn′t happen but I keep saying it and keep dreaming, it will come true. I will work hard so that dream comes true.”

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