[News] What is CNBLUE’s biggest dream?

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CNBLUE sat down for an interview to talk about their new album ‘Blueming‘ on April 4, revealing the one wish they’ve had since they debuted.

The members started off by expressing how they feel about making a comeback, saying, “Since we released ‘Cinderella‘ last September we’ve been preparing this album. So we’ve been active nonstop. I think fans were very happy because we came back in a year. I think we’ll have fun with our promotions as always.”

Yonghwa then revealed what the group’s biggest dream is. He said, “Our dream is to top the ‘Billboard‘ chart. Watching awards ceremonies, I’ve imagined in detail what it’d be like for us to be up there. I think that if I do that, it’ll come true. There were many people who mocked us when we’ve been saying this since the time we debuted. But with dreams, I think you can dream big.”

With a can-do, positive attitude like that, we have no doubt that CNBLUE will fulfill their dream!

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