[Twitter|Photos|Trans] #CNBLUE #YOURESOFINE comeback on Mcountdown (2016.04.07)

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160407 mcountdown

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@MnetMcountdown: Are you guys this handsome..? Yes, that’s right. They are the originally good-looking  band ! These prince’s’ #YOURESOFINE first comeback stage will be revealed on Mcountdown! Everyone, let’s go and meet these eye candies~~~

@MnetMcountdown: 이렇게 잘 생겼나..? 그렇습니다 원래 잘생긴 밴드 ! 에서 최초공개되는 완댜님들의 컴백 무대! 눈호강 하러 다들 오세요~~~

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@MnetMcountdown: The F4’s here!!! CNBLUE’s comeback stage will be revealed first on Mcountdown! Not much time left until 6PM everyone!! See you on broadcast!!

@MnetMcountdown: F4 실사판이 여기 있습니다!!! 에서 최초 공개 되는 의 무대! 6시가 얼마 남지 않았어요 여러분!! TV앞에서 만나요!!”

Source: MnetMcountdown @Twitter

Translated and Posted by: Miryong @cnbluestorm