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Jolli Burning 2016

Hello BOICE,

CNBLUESTORM, joined by BOICEPH would like to invite you to join our activities in celebration of Lee Jong Hyun’s upcoming birthday. Since school time is approaching as well, we will celebrate and share our blessings with less fortunate children in the Philippines by giving them what they need most – school supplies.

Please find below our forthcoming events:

JOLLI-BURNING Birthday Celebration (Celebration for a Cause)

   Date: 21 May 2016

   Time: 4:00-6:00 PM

   Venue: Jollibee Shangrila Mall Food Court

There will be loads of fun activities and prizes await the winners as well. Everyone will bring home freebies and will have a chance to win CNBlue Official Merchs, Magazines feat CNBLUE or members (For sure you will love it *wink*) CNBLUE’s recently released album BLUEMING is included -sealed/unopened/never been hugged and never been kissed! LOL.

We wish to request all attendees to contribute a minimum amount of P50.00 and donate “School Supplies Set” consists of the following :

  • 1 Pad Paper – Grade 1
  • 1 Composition Notebook
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Eraser

 Note: You can donate as many School Supplies Sets as you want.


Each Boice can nominate a Barangay/Day Care Center as beneficiary of school supplies donation. We will announce a week after the Celebration/Gathering.


  Date: 2nd or 3rd week of June

  Time: To be announced

  Venue: To be announced


For Boice and Fanclubs all over the world, you can join also join us! As we will also send a birthday cake to Korea, we’ll be very happy if you would help us in making this project a success. Below are the following details:

a. Donate any amount.  ANY amount would certainly help and would be very much appreciated too. We are open for donations via:

  • PAYPALYou can simply send your donation to our Paypal account at cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com. Please choose USD as the currency.
  • WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM: Please send an email to cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com for the details.
  •  BANK DEPOSITS : For Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore only

*** For International Fanclubs/Fans, who wants to collab, just send an email to cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com.


1.  I would like to donate, but I am not attending:

Answer: Thank You! You can send your donation in cash or in kind. If you wish to send cash – 50% will go to the Project Fund and 50% will be used to purchase School Supplies Set.

**Please get in touch with CNBLUESTORM Admins with regard to your donation whether in Cash or other forms. Details will be provided to you as requested.

2. I am attending, but why do I need to donate School Supplies Set?

Answer: To make sure that we will not have too much of any of the supplies. Meaning, we might receive too many pad papers but very few notebooks or vice versa.

3. I already donated School Supplies Set, why do I need to give P50.00

Answer:The said amount will be used to buy additional school supplies mentioned below, these are not included in the set.

  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Chalk for the teachers
  • Additional notebooks
  • Snacks for the children
  • Parlor games prizes for the children
  • Eco bags
  • Hygiene Kit (soap, toothbrush & toothpaste)

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at cnbstorm.bdayproject@gmail.com or you may get in touch with any one of our Admins:

  • Soojin Kmh
  • @camille2816
  • Rowena Antonio
  • Lorenski Lee

We guarantee that we will reply to your queries as soon as we can.


As mentioned, donation is not limited to school supplies set. You can pledge any of the following as well:

  • Additional Raffle prizes or giveaways
  • Cake for Lee Jong Hyun (to be delivered in Korea-FNC)
  • Tarpaulin/Event Banner for Lee Jong Hyun’s celebration
  • Cake for Yong Hwa (to be delivered in Korea-FNC)
  • Cake for Min Hyuk (to be delivered in Korea-FNC)
  • Tarpaulin/Event Banner for Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk Event

Thank you very much in advance and God bless each and everyone more!

Fighting BOICE! Together, we can do it!


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