[IG|Photos|Trans] Minhyuk & Jonghyun asks fans to support Entertainer (04.20.2016)

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160419 kmh

mr_kanggun: How are you?~~~~ I’m greeting you here because today is the first broadcast of “Entertainer” ㅋㅋㅋ Finally, it will air on SBS at 10PM, please give lots of support to its first episode! #Entertainer #WedThudrama #pilotepisode #ChoHaneul”

mr_kanggun안녕하세요~~~~ 오늘 드라마 딴따라 첫방이다보니 이렇게 인사드리게 되네요 하하ㅋㅋㅋ
오늘 드디어 10시에 sbs딴따라 첫방이니까 많이 시청해주세요!
#조하늘 https://www.instagram.com/p/BEajhCMNK1F/

160421 ljh

cnbluegtI’m feeling a bit worried because our Minhyuk lost some weight, but he came out cool Entertainer fighting!!! Watch it live!!!!”

cnbluegt: 우리 민혁이 살이 너무빠져 걱정이지만, 너무 멋있게 나오네 ㅎ 딴따라 화이팅입니다!!!ㅎ 본방 사수!!!!!!

Source: mr_kanggun, cnbluegt @Instagram

Translated and Posted by miryong @cnbluestorm