[News] CNBLUE′s Jung Yong Hwa to Star in Chinese Movie (04.26.2016)

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Jung Yong Hwa is drawing the mass public’s attention by displaying his appearance like a hallyu (Korean wave) star through his role in the upcoming Chinese movie called Powerful Flavor – Final Taste (literal translation).

On April 25, he participated in the press conference of the movie that held at the filming site located in Foshan, China. He proved his popularity by receiving an enthusiastic attention from Chinese media.


He appeared at the event by wearing a neat and classy suit and received a spotlight from the press media. Also, he heated up the atmosphere of the scene by wittily answering the question in Chinese.

From the interview, he revealed a reason of his appearance in the movie, he said, “I was drawn into the career as a chef and I think it is a splendid character. Also, it is a great chance for me to act with actors like Xie Ting Feng, so I decided to appear in the movie right away.” He also gave his attitude toward his movie, “I have filmed some dramas in Korea, but it is my first time to film a movie. I worried a lot, but it was a fun filming set because the director and other cast performed very well. Therefore, I am looking forward to the movie.”

The movie surpassed the genre of food, action, human and comedy. 4D technique will go into the movie for the audience to smell the food during the movie.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa will appear in the movie, Powerful Flavor – Final Taste as a Michelin 3-Star chef. He will perform as the main character together with Chinese top star Xie Ting Feng.

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