Codename: AT stands for Alice TANG

A busy little bone living in Hong Kong

A brand new story of

“Alice in the CNBLUE-land” 


Fallen for Yonghwa while watching You’re Beautiful

Got to know everything about him and around him

from where I found CNBLUE

the first impression I got from watching their live performance of LOVE

was that I saw DREAM in their eyes (I still see it in their eyes now)

their dreams must be so beautiful that

Their eyes are shining as if they are the STARS themselves

(yes, they are my stars now which I can’t take my eyes and even ears off from ~ see, how joyful they are while performing)

They’re bonded to be together – totally INDISPENSABLE

4 in ONE and ONE to BLUE and BLUE to BOICE

Whenever I feel down, frustrated, burst out in my busy life

I have my energy re-charged and my soul purified by listening to their songs

I start to search for my dreams again which I have given up before

You give me courage, give me fun, give me energy to re-lighten up my dreams

I am not a robot anymore but a human with a living soul

YOU and I

Never be “BLUE” anymore because BOYS and BOICE are side by side



This is how my story begins and OUR story will NEVER end !!

Let’s spin the story together ^^~


Alice Tang@facebook

Credit: wwdp1111CNBLUE@Youtube

4 Responses “AT” →
  1. Pat is the Lost Boice in Neverland.. now here is Alice in Wonderland rather CNBLUE-land.. wow! A lot of our staff are from fairytale land.. hehehe

    Thanks for joining us Al!


  2. Waah u expline well what i felt prettyly :))



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