Hello Boice!

I’m sajatokki, staff of CNBStorm and also founder of CNBShin.

Like most Boice, I also took interest in CNBLUE because of You’re Beautiful’s Kang Shin Woo. Honestly, Shin Woo is my least favorite character, even after watching You’re Beautiful for more than twenty times (I lost count!). But because it was my drama crack, after first finishing the show exactly on Dec 26, 2009, I found myself looking for updates about the actors, from Shin Hye’s Nepal visit to UEE’s photoshoot. I came across an article on allkpop which talks about Jeremy’s and Shin Woo’s guest appearance on Radio Star so naturally, I watched the video. And it was through this video that Jung Yong Hwa, not Kang Shin Woo, won me over:

The video above isn’t complete. Actually Yong Hwa also sang Now or Never (English ver) and because I didn’t have interest in Kpop and the lyrics of the song somehow makes sense, I got curious. As I searched more about CNBLUE, I heard Love Revolution, which is the song that really got me hooked to this band.

Because they were new, there were few sites that constantly update about them. I’m generally not interested in forum-type sites because 01) I hate having to log in to get updated 02) I’m a Kpop newbie and didn’t really care about fandoms. So upon searching, I came to the beta stages of CNBLUESTORM, where I saw a potential good site that was still under construction. When it launched, I knew I’ll be visiting this site every hour.

There was still a chatbox before so I was able to talk to the founder and we learned we’re from the same country. We kept in contact and spazzed about CNBLUE, until I decided to apply as staff member. Fate decided that I should be in this fandom 😉

Ah and I switched my bias from Jung Yong Hwa to Lee Jung Shin when I watched this performance:

I’m in hiatus from updating the site for a while now and my Twitter account is private to friends. You can reach me via Tumblr, leegalaxy as my personal account and CNBShin, our fanaccount dedicated to Lee Jung Shin 🙂



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